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The first Oscar from Hollywood for a Spaniard
21 February 2015 @ 15:18

       Tomorrow, at dawn, you will can watch, on television, the Academy Awards Ceremony, in Hollywood. So, today, I thought it would be a good opportunity, to share with you a news, about these awards, that I did not know: Juan de la Cierva received the first Oscar in 1970 for a technical invention.

      I should like to show you a video, in which Juan de la Cierva speaks himself. If you want to watch the video, please click below:

Voice in off: “Neither Peter, nor Jose Luis, neither Javier, neither…….Penelope Cruz ...., the first "and the winner is" Spanish is ....”

Juan de la Cierva: “Juan de la Cierva y Hoces”

Voice in off: “Today he is 85 years old and he was 40, that night of film and glamor of 1970, in Los Angeles”.

Juan: “This is Claudia Cardinale”

Voice in off: “Juan poses and alternates, with the great stars of Hollywood, until he receives the Oscar for Best Technical film Contribution; this one, unlike classical little statue”

Juan: “Neither I knew I was the first Spanish, whom they had given him an Oscar….”

Voice in off: “Nephew of gyroplane´s father, this Madrileño (from Madrid) was always considered, above all, an inventor byself....... And this movie was the first, in which his discovery of Oscar was used: what he called "Dynalens" and it came to his mind, while videotaping their children, skiing on water;  the images vibrated ..... Eureka! ... the new device stabilized the camera and movements were nullified”

Juan: “The movement of the image, not the movement of the camera”

Voice in off: “There were more ingenuities: up to 40 patents; but, none like the one, that led him to that gala”

Juan: “I stumbled upon Elizabeth Taylor, who was wearing that famous sparkling of one million dollars”

Voice in off: “16 Spaniards have gotten an Oscar; but his….. was the first one...”

      Well, I have liked to share this video with you, because I studied a degree in “Image and Sound", in Madrid. Therefore, I like movies, video and Photography. I hope that you have liked the video too.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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