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How to care of our eyes, according to a Spanish Doctor
20 February 2015 @ 11:56

      Yesterday I saw a video on the website of TVE, where Dr. Ana Bellon explained how to take care of our eyes. I found it very interesting and I would like to share the video with you; if you want to see it, please click below:

Ana Bellón (Doctor in TVE): “Food for healthy sight, why?, because, as you very well say, overweight conditions that we can be hypertensive or diabetic and that is what really hurts our arteries and can lead to blindness. But we will now keep our eyes on a natural pigment, called "Carotenoids". Carotenoids, as I well say, are pigments, that give color to foods, that have a high antioxidant capacity. Is Beta-Carotene, Lycopene, Lutein, the Ceasantina ....; but which has the greatest antioxidant capacity is the Astaxanthin; the advantage of the Astaxanthin is that it is able to cross the brain-blood barrier and the retina-blood barrier and, therefore, it reaches directly to these organs and prevents, for instance, the occurrence of blindness, cause of cataracts, macular degeneration or, in the Central Nervous System, reduces the risk of dementia or even Alzheimer's disease. This Astaxanthin is what gives the salmon color to salmon; therefore, salmon is one of the richest food, in this powerful antioxidant. But also, shrimp or prawns have astaxanthin. But I have named two other antioxidants, very powerful, they are: Lutein and Ceasantina. Two carotenoids, which are not transformed into vitamin A and having their maximum concentration in the retina, but in a very specific area of the retina, which is the "mácula" (stain), it is what gives the yellow color to the macula (stain)   --in fact, macula (stain), its full name is "macula-lutea", which means "yellow-Spot"-- and it protects it ... of course, the retina is very exposed to light, very exposed to oxygen; therefore it must have substances, with high antioxidant activity, to prevent the formation of free radicals. We have foods, that are rich in Lutein, such as the green, that I have here: it would be Broccoli, they would be spinach or green asparagus. There are other foods, rich in Ceasantina, like oranges, papaya or watercress. And we have foods, they have the two substances: Lutein and Ceasantina, which are egg yolks and corn. But we also talked about the Beta-carotene and lycopene; well, but there is a food, that has the two substances; therefore it has a potent antioxidant capacity, which is the tomato; Tomato lycopene, besides, if we take it with oil, it will absorb much better. Therefore, the serious summary, if you want, if you want to see lots of color, you have to put much color, in your food, especially: green, orange, salmon and red, and, thus, you will give color to your life, because you see everything much better".

      Well, as I said, at the beginning of this post, I found this news very interesting. And I hope that you care of your eyes, as the doctor advises.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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