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La Pepa danced in Spain
16 October 2014 @ 02:03

      Today, Sara Baras (one dancer of Flamenco, well known in Spain) has spoken on the radio, because, just today, she has presented the show "La Pepa", in the “Compac Theatre” in Madrid, where she is the protagonist: she represents "La Pepa" (the Constitution of Cadiz of 1812).

      Indeed, Sara has humanized the Constitution of 1812; and, by the way of that, she said, on the radio: "This Constitution, that brings the reflection of Cádiz in 1800, is full of details and moments, that are very special and when you are going to dance them, they have a positive and  precious energy” and she also said: "Of course you can dance a Constitution, I do not know how, but it is danced".

      The artist, National Dance Award, plays the only allegorical character in the play, La Pepa, and other officers involved in this national historical fact of the War of Independence, as deputies or people from Cadiz are represented by the body of her dance company. The figure of the dancer, José Serrano, stands out in the role of the President of the Courts.

      "All off a very good energy and, above all, in the assembly include the value of the character of the people, so horrible as before was that war and they had such strong desire to succeed situation".

      "They all detach a very good energy and, above all, in the Assembly, we stand out the value of the character of the people, in front of such a horrible situation as that war was and they had such those strong desire to succeed the situation".

      Sara is responsible for the choreography, script, design, scenography and costume. "I have a great team behind, without it there would be nothing and of course without the company, because, so many years together, we function perfectly", said the dancer, who has also complimented the role of the guitarist from Cadiz, Keko Baldomero, who has composed the music assembly, "He has done a sensational job", Sara has said.

      Being a story, set in the Tacita de Plata, you can not miss the joys (“Alegrías”) in this show. But fandango, tanguillos, bulerías or seguiriyas are also danced. "In this work, the path of the different styles is going on what we have, for example, when we are in the port, with boats arriving from the Americas, enter the songs back and forth as the Guajira". Baras explained, who moreover the birthplace, has other "very special" connection with this show.

      "When we were researching La Pepa, we knew that the first meeting was held in the same building, which, years later, it was my school;  there are many details, that make this show for me means a lot", Sara says.

      For six weeks, Flamenco enthusiasts, understood or not, will enjoy this show, in Madrid. "Often, the mistake is to think that the public needs to know Flamenco, to enjoy a show, and get it wrong, you have to let go",  advises the artist.

      “La Pepa” is the end of a road during two years, with 200 functions and over 250,000 spectators, who have already enjoyed, throughout all Spain. "The work has grown in that time, it is now more plump and ended the tour, in Madrid. We are thrilled", Sara has said.

      Then focus on his next show, “Voices”, will premiere on December 22, in Paris, and Sara Baras passed us that this is "a concert style setting, not an argument, but dancing by law, pa 'lante, as flamingos say, and it is a tribute to all the voices that have influenced me. Including Paco de Lucía, Camarón, Antonio Gades, Enrique Morente or Moraíto.

      If you want to watch the video, with Sara dancing, please click below:

       I love this kind of dancing, when the dancer stamps. And I hope that you like it such as I do.

      Till very soon, kind regards,


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