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How to locate lost children on Spanish beaches
28 July 2014 @ 12:12

      Today, I have just seen a very important news: How we can locate children who are lost on beaches.

      If you want to have more information, please watch this video, doing click here below:

Voice in of: “Upon reaching the beach, Sebastian's father puts a bracelet with a "QR" code; it is purchased online, costs around 15 Euros and it is waterproof. If it gets lost, anyone, with a smart phone, can scan the code, see the data of the child and call its parents”

Jon Jairo (Sebastian´s father): “The truth is ... ugh ..., with so many people ... you have to be very aware ...; but it is scary "

Voice in of: “The bracelet is one of the aids, that new technologies offer to a problematic, in Spanish beaches, which is estimated to affect 10,000 families, every summer and, although most of the times, everything stay in a fright, there are some tips, that parents can score”

Francisco Canales (Author of “The problematic of the lost child in summer”): “Also the child, who enters with a float, often is displaced, naturally, by the current. Then, when the child tries to leave, on vertical line, he is in a different place, disoriented; therefore, very important: that parents look in the direction of the current”

Voice in of: “The beaches have also the called "Protocol to the lost child": The tannoy is used and, if in an hour, it fail to locate the child, it is called 112”.

      Well, I hope that you have liked this post, such as I did.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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