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The first scientist submarine created in Spain
25 July 2014 @ 23:52

      Today, I want to show you a video about the First Spanish scientist submarine. I could watch the video through the program of tv “LAB 24”, on the channel 24 Hours, in TVE. If you want to watch this video, please click here below:

Pere Buhigas (The Director of LAB 24): Ictineu3 is the first scientist submarine, designed and built in Spain. After 10 years of work, it has already completed the first successful dives and it is a step forward, for our country, in Naval Engineering and Technology”

Voice in of: “This is the story of a life project: that of a man who, as a child, dreamed of submarines. He Imagined them, he designed them, he built them ... descended, with his ship, to the depths of the Ocean; wrecks discovered, explored the secrets that hide the pits where there is no sunlight, fauna, flora, remnants of forgotten shipwrecks ........”

Pere Forés (Designer of the Ictineu3): “I remember when I built my first submarine, at age 11; Then, at 14; but I have friends (boys) or friends (girls) who have told me: "No, no, at 7 years you were talking that when you were old, you should make submarines". Well, this of submarines is very special and very passionate ... The Ictineu3 is a submarine in great depth: 1200 meters --is the ninth in the world, for more depth--  and one of the main features is that it is very light, to the depth at which it is: a submarine under 5 tons and a half …, this makes it much easier to move, operate; as it is smaller and lighter, in the water you can bring more to the objects, that you want to study ... It is a 3 seater submarine with a dome, acrylic, large  --it is the dome to be lowered more depth in the world--  and this allows the observation is very good: you can see here what happens next, unlike submarines, which only have an ox eye or 4 small ox eyes......”

Voice in of: “These are virtual images of some of the work for which was conceived Ictineu3: as Underwater Observation Platform, and as well as the working arm and orders from the crew. But after 10 years of ingenuity, construction and assembly, the ship is now a reality .............. Finished, to the smallest detail, the submarine lies on the mainland: the warehouse where they have devised and engaged all parts. Technology tip, development and innovation, also in the energy section”

Miguel Angel Rodriguez (Responsible energy ICTINEU3): “The Ictineu3 has 2 power systems: one, the main one, which are lithium-polymer batteries, which are located outside of the submarine, and these, in turn, feed the internal energy system, that functions simply as boot device and as emergency device --if the external batteries should fail, we could take enegy from the internal batteries, which are 24-volt batteries to power the interior systems and power pack would be powered by the outer batteries—. The energy of Ictineu3 system is designed to allow a standard mission, profile of a minimum of 8 hours; it can vary a lot, depending on the type of mission, but ..... chances are that it allows us to even lengthen”.


Voice in of: “In April 2014, the Ictineu3, exceeded, successfully, its baptism under water, in port. After pressure testing, they were validated, in dry, the systems that make up the submarine, as Hidáulica, the MFD, the electrical system, the Power system or the Propulsion. Security verified, Team assumes finished the project and the heir of the first Ictineu, by Monturiol, is fully operational, to campaign anywhere in the world”


Carme Parareda (Operations Director ICTINEU3): “But.. scientific campaigns, to study Marine Biology, Marine Geology, Oceanography .... for sampling of marine organisms ... any type of research related to Marine Biodiversity. Also for Underwater Archaeology ... --the Mediterranean is a sea, which has thousands of years of history and thousands of years of submerged history with ... hundreds of thousands of shipwrecks and where much is still unknown and is ICTINEU3 a good equipment to work with Archaelogists and make new discoveries and study the sites, wrecks that are already known--. Another application is the Medical and Pharmacological field; it has been explored, very much, the surface of the Earth, the Rainforest; but in the seabed, we only know just the 5%, the rest is full of living things, plants, organisms that contain active ingredients that can be very useful for the cure of diseases, which still have no cure, --in the last two years, there have been important advances, from active ingredients of marine organisms. Other applications, more industrial, are in the field of infrastructure maintenance, detection of faults in submarine cables, submarine pipelines, marine infrastructure of all kinds, no wind platforms ..... "

Voice in of: “A promising future, not only for the company but also for the country, as a world power in the construction of civil ships, capable of great depths down ........The dream of Pere Forés has just begun”.

      Well, I hope this project has been interesting for you. I think that it is very interesting.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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