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A Spanish chef patent frozen fried egg
27 June 2014 @ 11:34

      Yesterday, I saw in Internet a curious news: “A Spanish chef could patent a frozen fried egg”. It seemed impossible to do, but he got it.


      After 6,000 fried eggs, 16 months of testing and a lot of trial and error, the Style Food Company has achieved its target patent: a frozen fried egg. Its owner, the Basque chef, Javier Yzuel, has been excited in the program “Esto me suena.Las tardes del ciudadano García”.

      "We thought we were focused, we had to find ways and we succeeded". The result is a deep-frozen fried egg, with all health and prepared within a few minutes, preferably with steam.

      The idea arose in his restaurant, in Vitoria, where they do 300 fried eggs every weekend. "There was no way to get an egg like another", he says. Since the 50's, they have been working on the patent of this product, but had so far failed. "I think if you believe, you must be immovable to discouragement, although you find many people on the road, who put you off", he  sentences.

      When Javier Yzuel began to work in a professional kitchen factory, he was proposed his self, as the first challenge, to make it a reality. Together with his team, first he managed to make a homogeneous product. After, deep-freezing was achieved, a difficult task because each part of the egg has different processes. Then, you need to thaw and regenerate it, so you can eat it. And in addition, it must have health guarantee. "I think that is going is that we have solved the egg contamination by salmonella", he confirms.

      This frozen egg is not raised for domestic consumption, but for all the people who have to eat outside: hospitals, schools, hamburger chains, boats, trains, buses ... For that sector, this solution does not exist. And Javier says that it is having a good reception.

      "We will not compete with the homemade fried egg, because that is a pillar of the Mediterranean culture and cuisine. We propose a fried egg with the yolk almost liquid, buttery yolk ...". And the most importantly is that it taste what it has to taste, to fried egg. By the way of it, you have seen, on the picture that I put up, a typical Spanish ham, beside the fried egg.

      Well, I hope that you have liked this news.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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