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The electricity production in Spain
06 June 2014 @ 21:14

      Today I bring you a very interesting video about the electricity production in Spain. If you want to watch this video, please click here below:

RENEWABLE POWER: Ana Blanco:We speak now of energy production, which has increased in Spain, renewable energy, much in the last years...... In 2013, the 42 percent of all electricity production was sustainably sourced and so far this year more than half. Looking ahead, the expert and the European Union itself placed to our country as one of the leading exporters of clean energy”.

UNTAPPED RESOURCES: “Not only for the power that we have installed, but by the potential resource that we still have untapped --and I speak of Spain and speak of Portugal--,  we are called to be the field of renewable energies in Europe 2030 and 2050”

ALDEADAVILA TURNS  50 YEARS:  Ana Blanco: “The most veteran of these energies is the hydraulics, which doubled its production last year. The Central Aldadávila, in Salamanca, is the most important of Spain; it just turned 50 years, taking advantage electric, with the passage of the Duero”.

HYDRAULIC FUTURE: Voice in off: “From a distance, no pressure, no more when we enter the guts of the Hydroelectric Plant of Aldeadavila. Twelve kilometers of tunnels, cut into the stone, more than half a century ago. Aldeadavila work is the most important Hydraulic Engineering work of Spain: it produces the 12 percent of all the national hydroelectric load”

Juan Antonio Lopez (IBERDROLA PRODUCTION MANAGER AT CENTRAL ALDEADAVILA  (SALAMANCA): “Where it is really generated is here,  in the Central, where the machines are. What water does is drive the turbine; the turbine has a shaft, which drives an alternator, which is where power is generated”

Voice in off: “We entered the turbines hall, six in total and a combined capacity of 1,275 megawatts, or what is the same: to supply 250,000 homes in a year”

Juan Antonio Lopez: “Below us, it is passing the water through a pipe of 4 meters in diameter, and it is moving the turbine, which is on the bottom. This machine, right now, is giving an output of 100 megawatts. What makes the water is pushing these blades, and it is what makes this whole turn piece”.

Andres Seco (Network Operations Manager of Spanish Electric Network): “Hydraulics has the ability to regulate, almost in real-time, the production: it may be giving you, right now, 200 megawatts, and, in a matter of less than 4 seconds, move to give 10".

Voice in off: “Electricity can not be stored, occurs as a function of demand, which varies with consumption peaks at 12 noon and 10pm .... In Spain there are about 800 hydroelectric power stations, the vast most small dams, for own consumption; 10, as Aldeadavila, exceeds 200 megawatts, for a general supply”

Ramón del Puy (Hydrographic Basin  of the Duero Manager): “These facilities are renewed constantly a large and costly investments are made to adapt to new technologies and to continue to function properly and safely”

Voice in off: “Aldeadavila reservoir has a height of 140 meters, a width of 250 meters. Here in the reservoir, they are stored 115 million cubic meters of water: a similar capacity than 97 football fields. Last year, the hydraulic assembly and production of renewable (wind and water, mainly) has skyrocketed doubled, from 35% in 2012 to more than half, this year. All the  power system is controlled from here, national and what is exported, according to Red Electrica of Spain, a small part of what can occur”

Andres Seco: “We are called to be the field of renewable energies in Europe 2030 and 2050. What is the bottleneck ...? .. But… the interconnection…… the interconnection with France”

Voice in off: “Later this year, it will launch a new interconnection, which will reach 3,000 megawatts ...., still far from the 15,000 that designed the European Commission”.

      Well, here the video has finished. I hope that you have liked.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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