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El Hierro: The island of the world start in Spain
06 June 2014 @ 00:57

      Each June 5, we have an  unavoidable meeting with the planet, we all celebrate the World Environment Day. This year, the Program of the United Nations Environment (UNEP) is set in the most fragile and exposed territories and coined the slogan "Small islands and Climate Change". In the Canary Islands, we just find an island that serves as an example to demonstrate the efforts of these communities to safeguard its rich cultural heritage, its magnificent biodiversity and ecosystem located in a setting of breathtaking views: the island of El Hierro.


      In the western and southern end of the Canary Islands, El Hierro is the smallest and youngest island from a geological point of view. Its remoteness, small population and limited tourist infrastructure, encouraged from the Island Council itself, have led to this island comes to today with Primal still able to transmit as few natural volcanic force of his appearance. A catalog of incredible scenic beauty and well preserved and unique spaces in conviertieron Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 2000, now adds a new environmental incentive to become a model of energy self-sufficiency.


      In late June, from the center of Wind Gorona, El Hierro will produce 100% of its electricity from renewable sources with the setting up of a Central hydro-wind power will generate more than 11 megawatts and will be able to supply all consumption demanded by its inhabitants and infrastructure, including the three desalination responsible for providing them potable water. On the horizon include, among other things, that mobility throughout the island is electric. El Hierro is a prototype of all sustainable development and a mirror and other islands, small island states and communities around the world, some of which have already traveled there to take example of his innovative solution look.



      Well, I hope that you want to enjoy this island personally.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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