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Cornea transplants in Spain
05 June 2014 @ 00:30

      Spain remains world leader in transplantation and this year have increased by 4.6%, over the same period of 2013.

      Here I bring you a video, where it is explained the transplants of Cornea, in Spain. If you want to watch the video, please click here below:

Voice in off: “For Philip, his cornea is worth as a diamond. He had 30% of vision, in his right eye, until it was  transplanted 6 years ago”.

Felipe Llanes (he has regained vision): “I was 10, 14 years putting up and, in the past 6, I have forgotten that I have a problem in the eye ..., just only when I come by here to review”.

Voice in off: “In 20 years, cornea transplants has doubled. From 90 add interventions”

Jose Manuel Benitez del Castillo (Ocular Surface Unit, “San Carlos” Hospital): “If the disease is affecting the cornea and the transplant goes well and the astigmatism is corrected and there is no rejection, the patient can recover 100% vision”.

Voice in off: “To get them, there is a network of 112 centers, as this bank of Cordoba: here they analyze the tissue to see if it is suitable for transplantation. For the donor, the requirements are lower than in other cases”

Rafael Villalba (Responsible Tissue Bank of Cordoba): “There are some causes of death, which would exclude organ donation. In the case of the cornea, being a vascular tissue, i.e. tissue which has less risk of transmitting certain type of pathology, it would also be perfectly valid”.

Voice in off: “Therefore, the National Transplant Organization recalled that the cornea donations are still needed”

Rafael Matesanz (President of the National Organization of Transplants): “Stem cells are also used in the treatment of these corneal injuries; but, today, the standard treatment is really ..... cornea transplant”

Voice in off: “Only in 2013, 2600 people donated their corneas”

      Well, I hope that you have liked this video, where you can see that, in Spain, there are very good researchers.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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