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From the Versus in Latin to the vs in Spanish
25 March 2014 @ 13:29

      Today, I want to explain you the origin of the word “Versus”, that comes from the Latin and arrived to the “vs” in Spanish.

      For us, in Spanish, “vs” or “versus” means “Contra” (“Against”). For example it is used when we talk about a football match –the last Sunday, it was played the football match among Real Madrid and FC Barcelona; then, on tv we could listen talking about: “The match R. Madrid vs FC Barcelona”.

      Words like: “Versión”, “Adversario” and “Diversión” come from “Versus”. In its origin, in Latin, “Versus” did not mean “Against”, but “Direction” –I mean: where we go--.Also the word “Verso” (Verse); it is when you write a poetic phrase and you go back to write again, another phrase. “Verso” comes from the latin verb “Verto” that meant: to turn.

      And “Versus” comes from the English Law, because it was said “one part agains another one”. After that it was used in Football –when it was talked about one team as an adversary of another one--.

      When I was talking about “Turn”, I could say the word that we use in Spanis: “Verter” (“Empty” or “Slop”), for example when we dump down a glass full of water, then we emty the water.

      Also we use the verbs “Conversar” (Converse), that means “turn around a topic. And “Convertir” (Convert) that means: to change something to another thing.

      Also, the word “Vertebra” (Vertebra), which let you turn your body.

      The word “Diversion” (Diversion, amusement) means to turn the direction, to change the way you take.

      I hope that you have enjoyed with this post.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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