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Fulfill the wish of a child in Spain
13 November 2013 @ 00:53

      The “Make a wish” Foundation, born in the United States  -- and already in Spain --, is dedicated to bring happiness to those children who are sick and need to fulfill a desire to feel more strong themselves, tackling their hard treatments.

      For example, in the U.S., they are now preparing a child's dream from San Francisco, called Miles. This child, five years old,  has leukemia and his biggest dream is to help Batman to rescue a lady. Then, "Make a wish" has managed to organize everything so that next November 15, Miles meets Batman  - with which eat at a Burger and then go to rescue a woman, chasing all over the town, to the bad guy (Ridler), who has kidnapped this lady -. Miles will be Batkid.Please click on this link:

       In Spain, “Make a wish” is directed by Carmela Fernandez Piera.

      “Make a wish” was born in USA, in 1990.And they wanted to open a Foundation in Spain. So it was how they found to the Spanish Foundation “Illusions”, in 2009. Since that moment “Make a wish” was born in Spain, because “Illusions” had the same values than “Make a wish”.

      “Make a wish Spain” has been in Barcelona, from 2009 till 2013. But last year, 2012, they opened the Foundation in Madrid too.

        In Make a wish, they work the illusions, as treatments of life. Then, they work with children (among 3 and 18 years old) with serious illnesses. Who calls to Make a wish?; well, the child, the father, the mother or the doctor has to call. From here, Make a wish create a team of working, where are: the child (the Director, the Boss), his or her family and the Doctor  –“Make a wish” does not meke anything without the doctor's permission, because the Doctor has a great responsibility (for example, a time, a boy, who could hardly breathe, he had the desire to swim with dolphins)--.

      Carmela says that, with this work, they get that a child knows that if he or her is able to get the illusion of his or her life  –and work for getting it, because “Make a wish” does not give awards, either surprises…., no, because is the child the protagonist and who has to get (to work) its wish--.Well…any surprise can be appear –for example, Miles knows he will be “Batkid”, but he does not know that he will meet the Council of San Francisco, who will give Miles the key of the city. Then, the child has a work for several months  --depending of its illness--; for example, the child has to draw a picture. Another work for a child is for example to eat vegetables.

      Carmela also says that Doctors are pleased.Carmela Spent a morning with the Doctor Mora. The Doctor Mora , one of the Trustees of the Foundation , believed in this from the beginning; Carmela told him : "Give me data " , and he said : " Look, scientifically I would like to have a studio , but I have none and I can not give you facts and scientific data , but at the doctor level is amazing how changing a child ... : his attitude and especially his willingness - and their family - " . Carmela says , "I have seen parents who were sunk in misery , and make their illusion root , changed their attitude , but above all for the boy, his reaction to the treatment . Carmela also says that may be the doctor himself which they call , and in this sense , there is a beautiful story : a girl. Mirella , who was 16 and had a very serious disease , but the disease did not accept ... she was stuck in a depression ... she had not told their friends ... and it was her doctor who called " Make a wish " to ask help.They spoke with Mirella : they asked her what  made illusion to her, but she was saying that anything not to illusion . but in the end , the team at Make a wish , got get her dream was to climb one of the tallest buildings in the world - was taken to the Empire State - to shout  “I am going to heal” ." So that was how to tell the world : "I am sick " .

      Well, I hope that you have liked this project. If you want to know more about it, please click on this link (in Spanish): Englih:

      Till soon, kind regards,


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