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Tribute to a Classic Spanish guitarist
08 November 2013 @ 20:30

        The last November-9, the guitarists Pedro Soler and Philippe Mouratoglou played their guitars, as a tribute to the magnificent Spanish Guitarist, Isaac Albeniz, in The Circle of Fine Arts of Madrid.

       In 1887, Isaac Albeniz started a very important career, through the popular Spanish music, in order to discover the rich Folklore, which composes it.

      Albeniz was a great pianist, but he also played other instruments.

      Today there are many musicians who can interpret Albeniz pieces, but I want to talk about two of them: Pedro Soler and Philippe Mouratoglou. They play guitar and have offered a tribute concert, on November 9, as I said before. Between other pieces, they have interpreted: "Rumors of the creek" and "Malagueña". I have not found any video, about these two pieces, but I have been listening them on the radio, if you also want doing the same,  you can listem them clicking on this link:

      Pedro is one of the deans of guitar teachers in Spain. Since he was a child,  he has fed from Flamenco, thanks to exiled from Granada, as Jose Maria Rodriguez. How should be his art in handling the mast and ropes, that, being very young, the singer Jacinto Almaden hired him as their second guitarist. Since that time, Pedro began to turn the entire Postwar Spain, even got to play for several European countries. Pedro rubbed shoulders with the most select of the flamenco clubs, sharing the stage with legends such as Enrique Morente and Pepe of the Midwife, even flirted with the new Chilean song, recording with artists such as Atahualpa Yupanqui.

      Now, you can watch a video of Pedro, playing guitar; I do not know the title of this piece:


       By other side, Philippe Mouratoglou  Is a guitarist covering a so broad range of styles. His complete musical training allows him to delve into creations, both contemporary and classic, which he operates safely.

      Here you can watch a video of Philippe:

       Now, you can watch a video of the piece "Rumors of the creek", by Jose Manuel Dapena, playing guitar:


      And, here, you can watch another video with the same piece, but playing piano, by a girl, but I do not know her name, I am sorry:


      Well, I hope that you have enjoyed everything.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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