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Spanish Educational support for children in their homes
07 November 2013 @ 23:53

      Today I want to talk you about a new project in Spain: El Servicio de Apoyo Educativo Domiciliario (SAED) = The Household Educational Support Service. This service is designed for children who are sick and can not go to school for over a month. This program is funded by various public entities.

      Two teachers, specialized in scientific-technological sphere and in the linguistic sphere, go to the child´s home to tech him or her, who is ill.The teachers go 4 days in a week and around two hours and half each day.They try to teach the same or the similar things than in the Institute are taught.These two teachers organized often a meeting with the teachers of the Institute –where the child goes to study--, in order that the teachers of the Institute tell to the other ones which exercises and exams the child has to do.

      This project is very important, above all for children, because as they are ill –many times, their illnesses are  serious, they do not want to laugh; but these teachers get a laugh out of them.This is what many childrens´parents tell to these teachers.

      Any child of Elementary and Secondary is eligible for this program.

      When these two teachers go to a home, any adult has to be there; those teachers never can be alone with the child, because as the child is ill, any adult, normally his or her father or his or her mother, as head of the child.

      This Service works in all Spain.

      Although this Service is thought to help children at home, really it is composed by 4 parts: The SAED for Elementary, the SAED for Secondary, the Hospital Classrooms and the Day Hospitals. The Hospital Classrooms are in public hospitals and they are for children who have to satay there for a short time –some hours or few days; but sometimes the time can be longer--. And the Therapeutic Education Centers are Centers for children with mental health problems to receive therapeutic treatment, by professionals, in addition to receiving teaching classes.

      In this Service, each teacher has to work for one year and, after it, he has to say if he wants to follow with the program.

      Also inside this Service there is a team of translators, for 20 languages.

      I did not know this Service and I and happy knowing that it exists.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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