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Another Spanish sayings and proverbs, 51
08 October 2013 @ 23:12


      Here I bring you a very popular spanish saying:

A rajatabla = Strictly

      So is how the edge of the hatchet slits (cut) the wooden board: sudden, energetic and rectilinearly.

     Also the dictionary says: "Regardless, at all costs and without hesitation​".

      That is the meaning of this adverbial phrase.

      This is an example: "Both orders of superiority as the doctor's recommendations were fulfilled to the letter (strictly)". I think of another example, because, when somebody is making a diet regime and when it is being well done, we say that it's getting "A strictly".

Viena-Wien. Naturhistorisches Museum. Destral, by Pilar Torres, at

      I hope that you have enjoyied.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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