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Spanish Technology to inspect the Metro
04 October 2013 @ 22:52

      The last October-1, in the night, a Japanese delegation was in Madrid to oversee the work of revision of the Metro de Madrid with this new machinery. Metro de Madrid SA is the company managing the review of the various sections of the Madrid Metro.

      This new machinery has been invented by several Spanish Engineers. And, in Japan, the company than manages the Subway, is interested of buying this machinery.

       This machinery automatically collects information by laser sensors to six cameras. Make five times faster essential work that was previously only possible to collect manually.

      It is a system developed by the Spanish company Engineering measures, Euroconsult,  thanks to an agreement reached by the General Department of Infrastructure with the company, and has had no cost to the Community of Madrid.

      It is a data collection device that runs on the tracks and takes pictures automatically by laser sensors, the tunnel and the route for further analysis. For it has six cameras, mounted on a moving vehicle, to take pictures of the track and the tunnel.

      These images reflect the state in which it is the design of road and if there is damage in the trains and the passage of time. This information includes, for example, if there are narrowing and widening of the road which could affect the movements or whether cracks have appeared, moisture or breakage of the tunnel walls.

      In addition, the imaging allows statistical treatment of these injuries in order to plan the necessary maintenance measures. In this sense, to perform these measurements so periodically, it is possible to analyze of changes over time, allowing to know advance the possibility that defects occur and avoid.

      These jobs are critical to the safety and maintenance of the service and therefore take place regularly in the tunnels of the Metro of Madrid within Maintenance work, but manually. The new system allows more effective this work to five times faster. The greater flexibility and speed of this system over manual data takes wing allows insight into the evolution of the tunnels states to process and record information of the inspections for its later analysis.

      Remember that this type of data collection task can only be done at night, when the lines of the Metro are out of service, so that the time available is very limited that and speed is, therefore, a great advantage.

      I hope many other countries appreciate the good work of our Spanish Engineers and buy this machinery, to improve the infrastructure of those countries.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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