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The Grandparents in Spain
14 June 2013 @ 18:22

       For the most people, think that old age is that overtime, in which, we met almost our goals, we look back and enjoyed the memories.

      Old age is also that time in which we become moral references and sources of advice for new generations.

      Usually, we think of old age in that way; but, unfortunately, the reality is different: the abuse of older people exist. In Spain, the abuse takes the lives of 22 older people, each year. And 60.000 are abused continuously.

      But it does not happen only with physical abuse; many times it happens with abuse, neglect, coercion……..and many times neither the own old person notes the abuse. We can note a physical abuse; but it is very difficult for us to note daily events like to Isolate an elderly from his daily activities, from his friends or treating him like a child. For example: Cashing checks without his authorization, coerce him into signing a document or make improper use of his money is also abuse.

        The next June-15, will be cellebrated the World Day of Awareness of Elder Abuse in the Elderly. We all must think about this problem.

        A difficulty is that the most of the cases of abuse are into the own family; therefore these cases are usually hidden.

      Old people feel alone themselves and we young people have to be very close to them. One of the reasons because they feel alone is because they are living alone or, if they live with their offspring, they also feel alone, because the offspring use to be working out of home.

      Therefore, I take this news to make a tribute to our elders. Because, in this time of such a hard crisis, many old people are helping to their offspring, who have no job. Our old people are spending their few money, in order to raise their family.  They take up a lot of their grandchildren   –the grandparents go to school, in order to  pick up their grandchildren--.

"Abuelo con su nieto en el parque", by Liberatore, at

      I think that it is an injustice to abuse of old people.

      I hope that the abuses disappear as soon as possible.


      Till soon, kind regards,


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