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Rural Entrepreneur Fair in Spain
06 June 2013 @ 23:43

       The Second Edition of the Rural Entrepreneur Fair will be held next June 15 and 16, in The Escorial, out of Madrid, 300 meters from the Train Station. It will be organizated by the School of Entrepreneurs. The last First Edition had more than one thousand assistants, 20 speakers and twelve cases of successful rural entrepreneurs.

      EMPRENDENATURA offers help to everyone, who wants to leave the city and go to a village.

      Their offer is:

{C}n  {C}If you have no job or….

{C}n  {C}You have a job, but you do not like it…..

{C}n  {C}If you note you have not enough energy for doing everything you have to do…..

{C}n  {C}And your pocket does not arrive to the end of month….


      Come to the Rural Entrepreneur Fair, named “Undertake time and leave town”.

      In this Fair, you will get:

{C}n  {C}Rural Business Ideas that work. Dynamic Exhibitors who will be willing to give you a taste of their good work.

{C}n  {C}Free Advice. From hand EMPRENDENATURA team and entities such as Foundation Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente, Embrace the Earth, Emprendae and CEPAIM.

{C}n  {C}Presentations to motivate entrepreneurs. Get keys to get going on your own by hand of experts as Ruben Turienzo, Roberto Closed, Nacho Muñoz, July Echavarria, Alberto Sanchez-Bayo and Daniel Martin.

{C}n  {C}Incredible shows. Spend an unforgettable day with the show of the mentalist Javier Luxor, biodanza dancing with Laura Serrano; magic by  Rafeek Albertoni; comedy by Fanny Tangerine;  Juanma really enjoying "The Optimist Provocative";  walking on glass with Celia Perez;  moving with Eva Jog; Revs of good concerts and more!.

{C}n  {C}Rural Workshops. You will learn about the wonderful world of biobuilding, eco-villages, transition towns, sustainable economy, the wines!.

{C}n  {C}Networking,  to meet other attendees and to exchange favors, generate synergies, reach agreements, find partners, friends, etc..

{C}n  {C}Stories of rural entrepreneurs. And besides, you can learn from others who "have already achieved" during interviews the two days will you be able to contribute.

 And all of that will be completely FREE, if you book now at the following link:  

      Enter (click here): website to see all the information, forward it to your contacts and sign up now to the event of the year to encourage entrepreneurs to live better for less!.

      From EMPRENDENATUA, the City of Aguelo Alberto special collaboration ( have organized this show with much love to see you make important decisions that you will change your life!.

      I hope that you can visit this Fair and enjoy it.

      Till soon, kind regards,


Sponsored by Costaluz Lawyers.

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