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All for one in Spain
01 June 2013 @ 23:56

       In this economic crisis, but also a crisis of values, a group of neighbors of the village Fuente Obejuna (Córdoba, South of Spain), have gathered in order to build another system different than the one we know through the political. This group think that “The union makes the force”; so, they say as the famous Spanish writer, Lope de Vega, said: “All for one, like in Fuenteovejuna”. “Fuenteovejuna” was a Theatral Work, wrotten by Lope de Vega and published in Madrid, in 1618. This work of social content and protest.

      For example, the neighbors of Villanueva de Córdoba have got recover their money from the “Preference shares”, with Spanish banks. One day, Pedro Veras, a neighbor from Villanueva de Córdoba, quoted a group of neighbors in the Square of Spain, in order that they join him to a protest. There appeared around 40 persons. All of them thought that they were scammed. Then, they made several actions, like to share sausages, cakes, watermelons......., among all their neighbors.

Villanueva de Córdoba, Córdoba, South of Spain.

      This people have got to go out ahed from their problems with banks, thanks to be united and help each other. This idea has been very good, because many of them were illiterates and they were deceived by banks. Then, other neighbors help them to solve these problems (the problems with “Preference shares”, I mean).

      Step by step, almost all the neighbors get their money back.

      Also the neighbors of village Fuente Obejuna achieved its goal, when, in 1476 , rose up against the oppressive power.Since that moment, that gesture became example of attachment. Since then, each 4 years, they represent the work of Lope de Vega “Fuenteovejuna”, in front of the Town Hall. The festival lasts 5 days.

Fuente Obejuna, Córdoba, South of Spain.

       In this time of crisis, we should learn of that gesture of attachment, above all among Politicians.

      But, if in the past the problems were solved in the squares of the villages, today the protest is in the red. Internet is the new tool for people. For example, exist a web, named,  where people can talk about their problems and their claims.

      Another example of attachment is one company that went to close; but its members felt invest money in unemployment, to create a cooperative and thus continue the same work(.Mechanization of parts)..They kept the machines. The new cooperative is “NEIL 2010” and it is in Barcelona.  Now, they are 13 heads.

      In another village (Zarzalejo, Madrid), one of its initiatives is the “Community gardens”. Jose Luis is one gardener, who teach to other people, who help him in his garden, at the same time.

Zarzalejo, Madrid, Spain.

      Also, some neighbors of Zarzalejo have houses ready with solar panels, in order to heat the water or start the machine……

      Another village, out of Madrid, is Torrelodones, where the neighbors were united and they created its own Political Party “Vecinos por Torrelodones” (Neighbors for Torrelodones). They are governing in minority, but they are happy.

The Town Hall of Torrelodones, Madrid. Spain.

       In 2011, Torrelodones had a surplus of 5 million of Euros.

      They are considered a move from the village for the village.

      I want to send my sincer congratulations to this group.

Till soon, kind regards,


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