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The Hobbit
16 December 2012 @ 12:57

Took my lady to see 'The Hobbit' last night. The scene/special effects are magnificent. Thoroughly enjoyed it. We all discussed the film later, and we had a concensus that JK Rowling 'pinched' some of the ideas for her Harry Potter books from Tolkien. Rowlings books though are much lighter, and much easier on the eye and brain. Usual thing at a cinema nowadays - bloody latecomers, and young ladies with weak bladders! On our left was two young females who got up four times! Bettered by two young ladies on our right who got up five times! They always go in pairs as I've said before. I'm going to buy a cinema and make a certain amount of seats into 'commodes'. Admittance to young women will only be allowed if they agree to sit in the 'commode' seats ! Latecomers will be charged extra entrance money at the door to the screen, say a 25€ levy, which will go to a charity. Or we could exclude them altogether, or make them clean the theatre at the end of the performance....or all three!!!!

The other thing I've noticed is that all cinemas employ a person, to sit just in front of me, who has bronchitis!

Coming home on the A7 last night was like taking a wrong turn onto Brands Hatch. Speed limit? What speed limit? Against the law in Spain to undertake? To the Spanish it is the ultimate challenge to do so with barely an inch between cars. One car came up behind me last night and 'flashed' his lights indicating he wanted to pass. As I was already on the speed limit I raised one finger to him. He responded by putting his Guardia Civil blue flashing lights on! Needless to say I was gracious, and pulled over to let him pass....

I think that Sundays is a good day for reflection on your life. I always knew that if else failed, I could become an author......and sure enough, all else did fail.



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