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Blocked Mobile
09 May 2015 @ 17:23

As part of the Fusion deal with Movistar, they gave me a new sim card to put in the following day when Vodafone would stop my network. As soon as my phone went blank I put in the new Movistar sim card, put the new pin number in, all was well, except........a notice came up to state that my phone was blocked. I took it to Movistar in the Myramar Centre in Fuengirola, who told me that Vodafone do that to customers leaving them. Movistar said they couldn't unlock it. I asked them why they didn't tell me that before I switched. I got a shrug in return. Obviously Movistar would have liked me to have bought a new phone off them. They told me to go to a Rambo Telecom shop closeby who would unlock it, for a price. But they couldn't unlock it. So it seems I will have to buy a new phone. If I changed Electricity or Water companies they wouldn't do anything to stop my supply, so why should a phone company? The phone belongs to me, I bought it. Their actions should be made unlawful, but I hear that mobile companies pull the same stunt in the UK.

My lady and I went to see Timothy Spall in 'Mr Turner' at the Cinesur cinema. We both love Tim Spall but this film was a major disappointment. It covers part of the life of Turner, the artist. Not much of a story line or anything else for that matter.

Hot and sunny here today. Beautiful looking out over the blue Med. Sad to say all coming to an end very soon. We're returning to the UK, and getting rid of the villa. My wife misses the children and grandchildren, and health worries are the reason. We have adequate private health insurance, and the hospitals here are pretty good, but my lady and I feel more comfortable talking to a doctor in English, rather than our Spanish which, although adequate for day to day life becomes difficult when explaining health matters. We find too that Spain is becoming more and more expensive, even though the exchange rate is very good at the moment. We have worked it out that here in Spain it costs us about £1300 more a month to live here. So we'll use the money saved for excursions throughout the UK and Europe, going to places we have never been. If you're very wealthy Spain is lovely, and, if we could afford to fly home for a week or ten days every month we'd stay. Maybe if my latest novel, nearly at the publishing stage, is a best seller we'll reconsider......

We were talking to friends at dinner the other night, and I told them if I need to go to hospital, I wouldn't be scared of dying, but I would be really scared of becoming constipated.

As I'm getting older I have a small bottle by my bed, the label says, 'Could Be, Aspirin'.

Men's moisturisers do not work. There is nothing on God's earth that can do anything to take away the lines on my face caused by 50 years of arguing with my wife.

My grandmother had never flown, or seen the sea in person. Some years ago I brought her over to Spain, and the second day I took her down to the beach. She stood looking at the sea for about twenty minutes and then said, "Is that all it does?"

I watched the Norwich v Ipswich play off game today on Sky. I don't know much about football, but I do know Norwich murdered them 1-1.

Bye for now.



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