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Trip to Javea
31 May 2015 @ 09:04

My lady and I have just returned from a trip to the Costa Blanca to visit an old friend. It's about a 600 km drive from the Costa Del Sol, on a dual carriageway with plenty of marvellous scenery, especially in the Andalucia part of the journey. We stopped at a half-way cafe for lunch, and, unlike UK motorway cafe's, the prices of food, drinks, and diesel are very reasonable and compare well with ordinary urban cafe prices. We had just one toll road to pay in Alicante Province, which was 9.95€ (about £7). The one downside was the daft speed limits, especially in the Andalucia part of the journey. For example one minute the speed limit is 120km, a few hundred metres further on its 80, then it jumps up to 100, then back again to 80. The road appears to hold no reason for these changes, often the road is dead straight. There is always a speed camera within these changes, and I just wonder if they are installed to ensure a good source of revenue.....or is it me being cynical?

I watched the Norwich City v Middlesborough Championship final in a bar in Javea, whilst my ladies shopped. It was a Norwich supporting pub. Many fans, including some Middlesboro' ones had on their clubs shirts, and their was a lot of good natured banter. The best team won, and a Norwich supporter provided champagne for everyone watching the match at the final whistle.

Someone sent me a question about Private Health Insurance in Spain through the 'Contact' part of my website. I pay for my lady and myself 325€ per month for full cover with a company called ASSSA. Not cheap, but essential. It takes the worry out of being ill in Spain. All the hospitals, doctors, specialists, etc under our cover are top notch, and it even includes 10,000€ of cover for death. None of us likes the thought of being ill, but it pays to be fully covered. We also belong to an organisation Called Helicopter Sanitarias. This costs about 350€ a year, and if you are ill or injured they guarantee to be with you within 15 minutes or so. On board their ambulances that attend you is a doctor and two para-medics. This company also provides a doctor service that you can book an appointment with, just like in the UK, except you usually get a next day, or even that day appointment. Well worth the small annual outlay, in my opinion.

We went to a BBQ last evening at a neighbour's house. Warm evening. Lovely to sit out on their terrace overlooking the sea, and when night fell, the wine flowed and we looked at the stars. We all wore light tops and shorts, and it is this that I will really miss when we return to the UK soon.

My latest book, a trilogy, is nearing the end of the proof-reading phase and will soon go off to the publishers. All the people in the know tell me it will be a smash-hit. It has taken me about two years in the making. The provisional title is 'The Saturday Pledge'. Should be out around November.

Yes, I have finally decided that I want to die in bed at the age of 98, having been shot by a jealous boy-friend of a beautiful 19 year old woman, after he caught us in bed together.

My son is a keen fisherman. Not me, however, I believe a fishing-rod is a stick with a hook at one end and a fool at the other. I don't mind eating the resulting 'catch' though. I wonder sometimes if fish go home and brag about the size of the bait they managed to steal.

For any golfers thinking of coming to play in Spain, bring plenty of money. The Spanish course owners have a wish-list of green fees, not a price list. It is VERY expensive. A round of golf with a buggy normally costs around 65-70€.  They don't seem to realise that many, many more people who live here would play if they moderated their prices. It is a foolish business person's logic that to make up for a lack of punters the price has to be raised to try to bridge the shortfall of running costs. If they lowered their prices more people would play, and they would get a knock on rise in revenue from food and drink sales, not to mention ancillary sales like golf balls. My golf balls are always fatally attracted to water, the out of bounds, sand, and the longest grass in Christendom.

Just visited the cinema here with my lady. Suite Francaise is an excellent film. I recommend it. Luckily there were no young women attending, so frequent movements of  toilet visitors were kept to a minimum. Why do they always go in pairs? Is it because one needs to relay text messages through the door as the other sits?

I watched 'Countdown' on Channel 4 the other day and have to admit I got aroused. Well, I'm proud of it. It is 7 letters after all......

Placido Domingo. Hasta Pronto.


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