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Same Film - Different Title
22 September 2013 @ 11:19

We went to see a film here in Spain called 'Assault to Power'. Funny thing is, we went to see a film some weeks ago called 'White House Down', and this new film is almost identical in content/plot etc. How on earth do they get away with such flagrant plagiarism? Beats me. We're off to see 'Rush' this evening. We're going to the early show so we can get back and my wife can enjoy the new start to the series 'Downton Abbey'.

We just had a water bill for the last three months, it was 50€. Can't believe how cheap that is. We had family staying too for four weeks of that period so double showers etc. Our Electric bill for two months was just over 200€.

Travelled to stay with a close friend in Javea (Costa Blanca) last week. Javea remains quietish and much less hurly burly than the Costa del Sol. It took us five hours by car on excellent roads. We stopped at one of many cafes on the route, and enjoyed good, reasonably priced food and drink. You don't seem to get ripped off in motorway cafes here like you do in the UK. Sloppy service as always, but that's Spain! The average Spanish waiter or waitress go on a special course. It's called the "Don't Look At Them" course. This short course teaches the waiter never to allow you to catch his/her eye when you want the bill. You can shout, scream, throw the paella dish at a wall, or whatever, but the waiter will never notice you after you have finished and want that elusive 'la cuenta'. I think they work under the misapprehension that you'll order a second load of grub and drinks if they make you stay an extra twenty minutes or so.

I've had a number of emails via my web site ( asking for advice with regards living in Spain. As I have said before, EoS is a good starting point for advice. As for advice from me, I'll reiterate what I've said before, Don't buy straightaway - rent a property for at least one winter to see if it's for you. Winters here can be cold and bleak. Not as bad as in the UK obviously, but there can be long gloomy periods non the less. If you drive take a Valium before going out onto the Spanish highways. Undertaking is an illegal manouevre here, but don't tell the Spanish Driver that, it's their favourite way to get past you. Spanish drivers hardly ever indicate, when they do it is as they're actually turning, so no good as a warning of their intentions. Spanish drivers think that as long as they have their hazards on they can park anywhere, pedestrian crossings, on roundabouts, middle of the street, etc etc. This particularly applies if they stop to have a chat with a pal who is on a pavement or in a car going the opposite way. Traffic lights can be ignored if they've only just turned red, maybe six or seven Spanish drivers will go through them on red with montonous regularity. Spanish drivers find it difficult to park between white lines on car parks, as long as there is room for them it matters little to them whether they leave room for anybody else or not. I expect my grey Honda CRV to be painted pink by some of my many Spanish friends anytime now, after they read this!

It is still hot and sunny here on the CDS. We had temperatures of 32+ last week. There are still many people on the beaches, and in the beach side cafes and bars. I think it's been a good year for tourism for the Spanish, and they need it. The lot of the Spanish working person is still very difficult. I can't see Rajoy getting in next time. I think the electorate will revert back to a Socialist government.

I live near Benalmadena Pueblo, this is a very pleasant village, and the local council and towns people have done a marvellous job in upgrading and beautifying much of the public areas. They are a joy to behold, so well done to all those who helped. It is a pleasure to walk through the village. 

Placido Domingo.


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