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I KNOW!!!!
14 August 2015 @ 18:01

I've had a number of people telling me that Nicole Smith died ages ago......I KNOW! I just used her as part of a joke. Wish I'd used a more modern gold-digger that still breathed, but there you are, trust me.

I've also had a lot of people contacting me and asking why are we leaving Spain. Well, its mainly so we can see more of the family. My wife's getting on now, I'm still 27, but she pines for the kids. Going back is a double edged sword. We'll miss the weather, the cafes, the good friends from all religions and backgrounds, who, like us, are immigrants in Spain. We've had some great BBQs and meals out with pals, and although we'll still hit the restaurants in Norfolk, it will still not be quite the same.

My son has got me a season ticket to sit with him to see Norwich City play at Carrow Road.....funny, but I never realised he would wait so long to get back at me for the belting he got as a kid for pinching knives out of the cutlery drawer....! Some of my chums from the place in the UK where I used to attend (I would say 'work', but I did precious little of that!) used to seek me out on Sundays and instead of Joseph or Joe would call me 'Norwich Nil' all blasted day!!

It's still very hot here which is normal for Spain of course in August. Living here you tend to plan your day with regards work to coincide with the cooler parts of the day. Gardening/mowing lawns, weeding, and other strenuous activities normally get done before ten am. Then its elevenses in the shade, followed by a swim and then a read, followed by a swim and then lunch. Difficult to keep your eyes open after lunch but I usually go inside and do some writing in the early afternoon, followed by a swim and biscuits with a nice cuppa, mid afternoon. The evening shower is followed by dinner, in or out, and then a spot of UK television before retiring. Bloody hard life I know, but someone has to do it!

The Feria (fiesta's) are all on the go this weekend on the Costa Del Sol. We go to all of them. Great fun, dancing, music, side shows, market stalls, and plenty of traditional Spanish costumes around. The Spanish are extremely good at this sort of thing and really get into the spirit of whatever saint or occasion that the feria is in memory of. We could learn from them. You seldom see any problems connected with alcohol at these or any other events here. In fact the only time there is a need for the police to attend is when young white British men decide the perfect way to end a night of heavy drinking is with a punch up outside one of the many night-clubs here. We all agree, on those occasions, we feel ashamed to be British.

Poor Mr Corbyn, he's still getting stick from Tony Blair and Jack Straw. Should help his cause immensely I would have thought.

A boss called four of his employees in to tell them he was sorry but because they'd had a bad year one of them had to go. The first man, who was black, said, "I'm from a protected minority, you can't fire me." The second worker said, "I'm a woman, you can't get rid of me." The third, an oldish gentleman, said, "If you fire me I'll sue for age discrimination."  All eyes turned to the last worker, a young white guy. He shuffled his feet around for a little, a frown on his face, and then said, "I think I might be gay....."

A boss was considering asking for an invoice price to be reduced from a company he had dealt with. He called his new blonde secretary in and said, "You have a maths degree. If I were to give you £20,000, minus 15%, how much would you take off?" She thought for a moment and then said, "Everything but my earrings."

My son just phoned me from his holiday accommodation in Sheringham. Apparently one of the kids is playing up.I  reminded him about the time his headmaster phoned me up and told me he'd been suspended and was being sent home. I asked him what he'd done and he said that my son had peed in the school pool. I was angry, I said, "But every kid's done that at one time or another." He replied, "Yes, but not from the top diving board."

Hasta Pronto.





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nicw said:
19 August 2015 @ 09:18


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