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Been Away - Back Again
24 April 2015 @ 17:06

Now the villa is done, and we're not doing any more to it. I can resume my blog here, amongst other things.

I've finished my trilogy, 'The Saturday Pledge', and its now with the proof-reader prior to going off to a publisher. Just started another novel entitled 'The Tenner'.  Stuck on one part of the plot at the moment so thought I'd resume my wandering drivel on this.

My lady and I went to see Woman in Gold on the weekend just past. Excellent film, and Helen Mirren was fantastic as always. What a talent she is.

My grand daughter in the UK, aged 19 (God! That makes me feel old!) is having her tonsils out next Monday. I remember as a child in Norfolk that I was desperate to have mine out because they gave you gallons of ice cream, post op. My grand daughter tells me that has all changed, they now give patients crispy things and no ice cream. It changed many years ago apparently. Bloody medical people - do-gooders!

I believe there is something coming up on May the 7th...... According to the Times, Sun, Telegraph, and Mail, if Labour get in the UK will be flooded by a North Sea surge and only Tory, Glib Dems, and UKIP voters will be spared. Also, if the SNP win a large amount of seats, a huge blue, yellow, and purple asteroid will hit Scotland and squash all those who voted for Nicola Sturgeon or whatever her name is.

My wife and I went through a rocky patch as newly weds often do, many years ago. We sought help from a Marriage Guidance counsellor. He said it was essential that husbands and wives know the things that are important to each other. He looked at me and asked me, "What is Karen's favourite flower?" I replied, " Homepride Self-Raising, I think." We're still together, 52 years on, or is it 62?

Just read a book by an old comedian. I hated it. It had countless innuendo's in it. If I see an unintentional innuendo in any of my books I whip it out immediately.

Now that we're getting on, my wife is, shall we say, a little short of the mark. She insists she is the oldest ex Etonian at 139 years of age, and when she rowed for Norfolk in the Boat Race against the Germans in 1935, Winston Churchill was their Cox. Her boat lost so we had to give them Austria.

On the chest of a barmaid in Sale

Were tattooed the prices of ale

And on her behind

For the sake of the blind

Was the same information in Braille.


Hasta La Vista.





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