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01 December 2012 @ 13:48

So the Leveson Report has finally been completed by an independent and well respected legal entity. It comes as no surprise that the PM Mr 'Eton Boy' Cameron, his Tory chums, and the British press all reject the recommendation that it should be introduced into the statute books as law. 'Freedom of the press', I hear them holler. Well, where was the 'freedom of the individuals' for the likes of  Milly Dowler's family when the shit hit the fan regarding the gross illegality of the manner in which the press behaved. It just reinforces what most British people now realise more than ever, the British Press, in the main supports right wing politicians because they in turn support the right wing press, and their hideous lies, slanders, and distortions of the truth. We need the press to be held accountable BY LAW to uphold the law, and to report faithfully the news as it actually happened, and not reinvented to please vested interests. Newspapers are dependent on advertising revenue from major companies, so who will they lend a helping hand to in the lies and omissions spreads that they spew out daily? I wonder??

 The British Press at the moment represents the unacceptable face of an unfair capitalist system and Government, that gives tax breaks to the very rich and hammers the working people to repay mistakes borne out of greed, made by the banks, who incidentally are still, in the main making massive profits, that go to shareholders who very often live abroad in such opulence that we, as ordinary people can only marvel at.

Next week I shall 'blog' MY outline manifesto for a new party called The British Action Party.

I see that here in Spain lawyers and other legal people marched in protest at the increased charges that people will have to pay to put their cases through the courts. These new charges will mean that the ordinary working person won't be able to afford to get justice.

An old vicar was in court for riding his bike the wrong way up the M11. The magistrate asked him how on earth he managed to avoid having an accident. He replied that 'the Lord was with him'. Shouldn't he then have been further charged with riding 'two up on a bike'?

Personally, I'd make all crime illegal.

I remember at school, the teacher told us that the USA President was married to the First Lady. I thought then that someone might have told him that she was cheating on him with Adam.

Have a good weekend.








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