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Move Complete
11 October 2012 @ 16:02

Well, at long last our move is now complete. Gave so much stuff away and sold some, but moving from a very large 4 bedroomed villa into a two bedroomed apartment meant that some of our furniture and nick nacks have had to be sacrificed. The charity shops have done well, so there is always a silver lining.

Movistar have pulled their latest 'robbery' on us. Charged 54€ to put a new phone in. Made a mess of it so I called them back next day to fix it. They charged me 70€ for their mistake, and now they inform me that to cancel my old phone off will cost me another 50€. So in total I have to pay 174€ just to transfer to a new address. The contract remains the same ! I wonder if they have, here in Spain, an equivalent to the UK's Oftel? Probably not, or if they do it would probably be years before they actioned my case! Bit like the courts forget it. I often find that in Spain when a mistake is made by any entity, be it official, bank, company or whatever, you - the customer - finishes up paying for it. I think I should confine myself to bed with a severe case of 'the spends'. To move us about 1500 metres from one address to the other, the removal company charged me 400€.

However, I'm now able to concentrate on finishing the final chapters of "The Saturday Pledge". My wife is in the UK for a routine health check up and treatment, so I'm living on 'pinged' meals that she has left me.

We have a Toyota in the UK that my son in law makes sure is serviceable so that when we are over there we have transport, without having to hire a car. My wife used to drive like a maniac but I found out the secret of making her drive more sedately and safely....I told her that if she had an accident, her name and age would be printed in all the local newspapers.

My wife sometimes catches the train from Attleborough to Norwich. she moans about it, it's sad really but she still mistakenly thinks that British trains are being run for the benefit of passengers.....

Becks: "These cucumbers are hot, Victoria"

Posh: "They're courgettes, David. 

I went into a shop and asked for a 'big mac'. The idiots gave me a hamburger....what good is a hamburger in the pouring rain ????




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