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16 August 2012 @ 22:43

I picked up daughter, her husband, and the two children at midnight last night from the airport. As we drove through the Pueblo we saw the lovely firwork display. On arrival home we found that the fireworks had set fire to some shrubland not far from our villa. The fire grew in intensity until it reached the tree line by our villa. By this time we had loaded up my 4 x 4 with a view to evacuation. At 3am the wind changed direction, and the heroic Bomberos had largely got the fire under control. It was a late get up this morning for my guests.........

Great to see England play so well against Italy last night, and with such spirit. Made me eat my words, and not for the first time !

Only a little book writing today. Try telling your 13 year old grandson you'd rather write a novel than play in the pool with him, can't be done.

My wife's favourite pop star Sir Cliff Richard was performing in front of an adoring Japanese audience. As he approached the last part of his show he asked for any requests for any of his songs. A chorus of Japanese people all shouted together, "Tits and Fanny" "Tits and Fanny". "Come on I've never sung any song called that". "You have" shouted the audience. "Well, how does it go?" asked Sir Cliff. The audience replied, "Tits and fanny, how we don't talk anymore"



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