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Front Cover
18 July 2012 @ 22:37

Spent part of this afternoon with Nancy Holt, the artist who has painted three of my novels front covers. She is preparing the cover for my fourth book, entitled "Operation Thursday" which will come out in 2013. She has infinite patience, and needs it with me, especially on this cover as I wanted her to change almost completely the look of it all. Bless her, she didn't blink an eyelid..... just smashed the canvas and easel over my head, and set her two big dogs on me! On hot days like today though it's quite pleasant to have no seat in your trousers....

Only 4 weeks and my darling daughter Heidi comes out with hubby Andrew, who is a police sergeant, and their offspring, Daniel and Jessica. Jess is on holiday in Portugal with a friends family, she is a 16 year old coeliac, and years ago it must have been a nightmare getting gluten free stuff. Not so nowadays. All the supermarkets and restaurants, even in Spain and Portugal, cater for them. Dan is in South Africa at the moment on a school rugby tour for two weeks. His Mum & Dad gave him £100 in cash, and obtained a credit card for him to use as well. Picture the scene, a 13 year old at the ATM in SA using a card for the first time. He took so long to imput the correct information when trying to withdraw cash that the machine kept his card! that was yesterdays phone call to Mum. His Mum got another call at 6am this morning telling her that the lens had come out of his camera. His Mum is a lot of fantastic things, but a 'Techy' is not one of them. She told him to wrap it in something so that it doesn't get damaged further. He phoned a few minutes later and asked if it was OK to wrap it in newspaper...

My wife said I tricked her into getting married......I told her she was pregnant.

My wifes brother is really stupid. He worked in a bank....they caught him stealing pens....


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