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01 May 2012 12:33 by ob123 Star rating in Southern Ireland. 174 posts Send private message

I think every car in Spain should be white, I had a black car and I could fry an egg on the roof it was so hot, now I have a white car and it is so cool amazing, I wonder would anyone agree with me, you also save on the air-con as you don't need it as much, you loose 2 miles per litre with the air -con on, and Diesel and Petrol is getting expencive.........

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01 May 2012 14:35 by jaldridge Star rating in Manilva. 144 posts Send private message

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I have a black car but I've always found that regardless of the colour of a car, in the summer a car becomes a greenhouse because of the huge amount of surface area which is glass.

The best bet is probably to buy a car with a shallow glass area, like the new Kia Sportage or Range Rover Evoque.  Alternatively you can go for a Toyota Prius and spec the solar panel roof which runs the AC in the car whilst it's stopped!



EOS Team

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10 May 2012 16:50 by elviriadreamer Star rating. 99 posts Send private message

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Got to agree on buying a white car if living in a hot country...or silver. Not so much the heat factor inside as most modern cars have A/C but for preservation of exterior bodywork. White and silver supposedly last longer due to attracting less sun/heat than coloured models. Also if you live near the coast salt damage shows far less on white/silver models. That's one of the reasons why all the mass produced "white cars" were made in Turkey.

Who'd of thought the colour of a car could make such a difference...but true!

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11 May 2012 08:10 by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 4109 posts Send private message

I have had a couple of cars in my 25 years in Spain. Both white.


I have  also always  used white crash helmets when on my motorcycle and my road bicycle.


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11 May 2012 08:46 by Team GB Star rating. 1101 posts Send private message

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If you have bored children in your car instead of getting them to count how many Eddie Stobart lorries they see get them to count how many silver Ford Focus's they see - hundreds if not thousands in this part of the world.

Elviriadreamer is right regarding salt and sun damage being less near the coast, we now have a white car as well as the old silver focus, both are parked in the open 24/7 and they always seem to look clean as opposed to the black car that we used to have - that was impossible to keep looking nice.




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11 May 2012 16:43 by jaldridge Star rating in Manilva. 144 posts Send private message

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Have to agree with you on trying to keep a black car looking clean. It's a total nightmare.  It always looks filthy and dull and bird droppings all to obvious on it too 



EOS Team

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