Thieves Can’t Steal What They Can’t See

Published on 9/17/2007 in Safety

Burglaries in SpainHaving lived in Spain for the last four years you can’t help but notice the concerns of home owners on both the Costa del Sol and inland. Eye on Spain helps to reduce those worries by keeping you informed.

One of the areas that is a growing problem is security. Break-in’s have been in the press a lot more recently. What is more, in isolated areas burglars have been known to enter while the owners are at home, by pass security systems by cutting telephone cables, use gas to knock out anyone inside (including dogs) and sometimes go so far as to tie up and gag their victims.

Recently in the SUR in English figures were released that make frightening reading.

“With an average of 15,490 burglaries every year, we are told by the insurance Association Unespa that it works out to be an average of two every hour with an average time of only four minutes”

How many times have you been in a situation when you have thought “if I had just planned things better, the outcome would have been so different” remembering a shopping list is one thing but what about home security ? Often this thought doesn’t arise until you or someone you know is unfortunate enough to experience the trauma of a burglary.

Many people are so distressed by the experience that they leave their homes and start a new life elsewhere.  Residence associations are united in their thinking that the burglars now work in organised gangs and that securing a home or business against this and any other type of intrusion is getting increasingly difficult.

So what can be done?

Security systems have had to become more affective. Something that is new to the market here in Spain but has actually been used by the likes of the Bank of England, Tescos and Boots in the UK may well be what many home owners have been waiting for.

At this years security industry awards ( IFSEC ) in the UK the latest version of this product was awarded the best physical security award of 2007 and earned ISO 9001 accreditation allowing it to be sold throughout Europe.

The company responsible for brining this technology to Spain is Anti- Intruder Prevention Systems (AIPS) based in Marbella, the system is simple in its idea but so affective, that it will stop a burglary in seconds.

Richard Bloom from AIPS described it to me……..

‘Imagine an instant smoke-screen. Smoke that DOES NOT damage property, paintings, electrical equipment, your pets or you. That, within 10 seconds, totally blocks any intruder’s path. They can not even see their hands in front of their face let alone your possessions! When you add the option of the 127dB duel frequency sound blaster that causes nausea (only in humans) the effects are awesome!!’

What would you do in that situation? You would get out and fast! This has been proven to happen time and again with the smoke-screen technology.

AIPS will advise you on which rooms the smoke and sound would be most affective in. Giving you and your family the best protection while away or asleep. The system is compact, being culmination of 35 years of development. Because of it’s simplicity, it can be installed as a stand alone or as an add-on to your existing security system, and for people on the move, there is also a portable version.


Written by: Richard Bloom

About the author:

To see the smoke screen technology in action log onto or call Richard Bloom on 670018944.

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Marc said:
Wednesday, June 15, 2011 @ 12:21 AM

Spain is full of scum from Eastern Europe (and many other places) and we have been robbed/burgled 6 times in 10 year.

I'd bloody hang the lot, no mercy for these bastards.

Obviously the politicians who are slowly destroying a continent of countries which should never have given up their borders live in very secure mansions.

How often are Norwegians caught robbing retired folks in Romania? Not often is it? Oh, now I am a racist? Then I am, I don't give a hoot.

peter-c said:
Tuesday, September 18, 2007 @ 10:09 PM

The technology is well tested and can be effective, but you have to ask yourself 'do I really need this?'. I've just read Carol's comment - what a damning indictment on our society in the UK. Crime, unfortunately, is all around, although we moved to South West Wales some years ago and it really is comparatively peaceful here. I cannot blame anyone for moving to Spain - yes, there is crime but not at the same level as in the UK. I hope Carol and her family find the peace they deserve - I'm sure they will.

EVLou said:
Tuesday, September 18, 2007 @ 1:15 PM

Having read this article...I can accept that this new product is something worth telling people about and that security is paramount. However, What I also find is that it does a bit of scaremongering. It makes people panic. It Certainly did get my attention. Leading us to believe..That Spain in general..and life there.. is becoming quite dangerous. I certainly hope not. Having returned from a month in costa blanca North. I saw no problems there. I believe it still has a long way to go to catch up with the UK. Although common sense dictates that some areas will be troubled. As in any city or country.But we live in hope that it is not a daily event. That most places are safe..and That Spain still holds great promise.

My husband and I are just in the process of leaving the Uk...relocating..and buying an apt. to retire to. In the southern Costa a pleasant slightly inland town. Our ONLY concern regarding our purchase.. is security. Coming back to a building at nights..when it might be empty. Most of the other residents will be using their apts for holidays only. It is of tremendous concern to me. Not because of what I heard about problems in Spain...But because of what we have endured while living in the UK. The Main Reason we are leaving the country. We no longer feel safe. Yet in is pot luck. Our neighbourhood in still considered to be a desirable place to live. Just not for us.

Having lived for 20 years in a very nice...upper middle class neighbourhood. Located On the outskirts of Derby. It was a dream Coming To Derby from S.E England..and being able to buy a large 4 bedroom detached property. Which we have extended and improved over the years.Working our socks off to do it. We came here to make a better life for our extended family. Just the same as I now hope to do in Spain. We are often told how lucky we are to live here. In truth we have fought tooth and nail to stay..and many would ask WHY???

Over the last 12 years...We have been robbed the same group of youths. While we were in The USA for my fathers funeral. The police were called by neighbours.. but waited over 24 hrs each time to show. In which time... our house was totally emptied and smashed up. my husband actually kept me away for several weeks to avoid the worst of the shock. And we were not compensated properly for what occurred. AS the police did not secure the house after the first robbery.

We have had a special car stolen from under our bedroom window by a gang of professional thieves.Who stole 4 others that night. My daughter and partner worked 18 months in shift work to buy the car.It was their pride and joy. It was found (what was left of it) in bits. The kids traced the people involved who stole the cars. As the special seats from inside were advertised on EBAY. One person involved had actually sold them the car...having stolen it in the first place....but putting on safe plates for when they did a security check. The car was then stolen back...and scrapped for parts. They then start all over again. But the police, as always, didn't want to know.

We have chased youths time and time again.... stealing a motorbike. Attempting to break into a neighbours. Dealing drugs. 3 houses near us have been raided endless times. We also chased some extremely dodgy men hiding in bushes in the park near us with cameras...while children played.Every time the police were a joke the way things were handled. WE felt we were under suspicion.

Away from home we were surrounded by a gang of youths who threatened us quite menacingly...when we told them to leave our daughters alone who were with us. They were making rude remarks..and encircling them. They were drunk.. all holding pints of beer...and seriously under age. Yet the landlord willingly served them. This on a Sunday a public park.As they chased us.. We had difficulty escaping them in our car. I was very scared.

But the final straw came in April this year. when a Man I had never seen before.. came up in a car...virtually in front of my house and started to attack me and shout abuse.I thought he was stopping for directions..he was middle aged and well dressed. But instead, He grabbed me by the neck..and proceeded to assault me. If not for a witness ..who stopped to help...I would be in much worse shape now. As it was, I suffered tremendous pain...and the mental stress is unbelievable. This was a sick man..who turns out to live a couple of blocks away from my home.

My anger is with British justice.. He is being assisted in every way possible...Despite having committed 2 other offences in the area....and in another town as well. Yet the police call on me..and I am warned to be careful every time he is let out from the mental hospital.They keep repeating how dangerous he is. Yet he is Allowed to drive by me in his car if he wishes. He hasn't been prosecuted..because he is unwell. The other day my heart the car... which is very distinct.. passed by me while I was walking my dog alone. Two men were inside.

This is life in a middle classed neighbourhood in Derby, England. Where these things are now considered normal. I sincerely hope that it is not the same in Spain. It certainly isn't in the places I have stayed. Which are local towns..not tourist resorts.Which is why we chose to live inland. I truly hope that we have chosen wisely..We certainly deserve the peace we are searching for. I Pray we get it. And I wish only happiness for Everyone else who chooses a life in Spain. Regards, Carol

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