Emergency Services - Spanish Police

Published on 11/15/2006 in Safety

There are three police organisations in the Andalucia region and they are all armed:

The Guardia Civil (Civil Guard)

These are recognised by their green uniforms and are responsible for national security, customs and crowd control. You will usually see them on the motorway in either cars or on motorbikes as they do speed checks.

The National Police (La Policia)

They wear either a black uniform and a white shirt or a blue military style uniform. Their duties include guarding public buildings, the Royal Family and Government figures. If you are a victim of street crime these are the police that will deal with your case. If you are a victim of such crime, you need to make a statement (denuncia) at a police station.

The Municipal Police

They wear blue and white uniforms. They are responsible to the mayor and town hall in each municipality, and their duties include controlling local traffic and parking violations.

Useful Phone Numbers


National Police - 952 80 36 00
Guardia Civil - 952 89 00 55


General police, ambulance, fire - 112

To report a crime (denuncia) eg robbery, assault – 902 102 112

Guardia Civil – 062
Local Police - 091
National Police - 092

Your local police station will provide you with information on a range of queries even details of the nearest chemist on duty.

If you are arrested you will be entitled to make one phone call. You may be allotted the free services of a duty solicitor (abogado de oficio), who may speak only Spanish. If your case is taken to court, the authorities will provide a translator.


Written by: Susan Pedalino

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