Keeping your children safe in an apartment in Spain

Published on 11/15/2006 in Safety

Holidays can be fraught with unforeseen dangers at the best of times due to unfamiliar surroundings, change of climate etc but when you have children you must be very forward thinking of unexpected hazards. Most people holidaying in Spain will rent an apartment for a week or two. Apartments in Spain are notorious danger zones so please bear in mind the following when looking for one to rent for either short term or long term. If you currently live or spend periods of time in an apartment in Spain with children you should also be mindful of the following:

1. New apartments in Spain do not generally come with smoke alarms fitted.

2. Most cookers operate on electricity so the hobs remain dangerously hot for at least half an hour after cooking. It is very easy for unsuspecting little hands to stretch up and get burnt.

3. Plug points are often badly installed and are at a prime position for crawlers.

4. Many apartments lack a phone line so make sure your mobile always has sufficient credit for emergencies. Remember that 112 is the international emergency number which also works in Spain.

5. Floors do not have carpet to cushion blows to the head when children fall off furniture.

6. Bathroom floors can get very wet and slippery so make sure you put a towel down for safety.

7. Likewise, baths often have smooth surfaces which make them very slippery.

8. Lots of owners furnish their property with glass coffee and dining tables which can be fatal for active children.

9. Children should be accompanied by an adult at the urbanisation’s swimming pool at all times.

10. The fatal terrace. Never ever leave children unattended on the terrace. Do not lie back on a lounger as you may fall asleep, in fact do not relax on a terrace if you have children. Never leave doors opening on to a terrace open if you are in another part of the apartment and you can’t keep watch. Remember it takes seconds for a child to push a chair against the wall and plummet to their death.

11. Be careful with mini terraces/ balconies in bedrooms etc as people tend to forget about they are also very dangerous for children

Written by: Susan Pedalino

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