Holiday Rentals - The Market is Growing and People are Looking for Something Special

Published on 3/31/2008 in Renting Your Property

Mediterranean streetThe UK Travel Sector is growing. It is said that by 2010 every person in the UK will take an average of two foreign holidays a year. The Internet is a primary information source for people seeking opportunities traveling abroad. However when you search for "rent villa" on search engine Google, nearly a million results are returned. The Internet is too broad, and people want directories within the net where they can access quality and comprehensive information about a host of potential travel opportunities quickly and easily, yet at their own convenience.

Although the number of holidays overall has continued to increase year-on-year, there has been a fall in the number of package holidays in the last five years. One of the main reasons for this is that people are more likely to search the internet themselves to book the components of their holiday separately, than they are to go through a travel agent. Budget airlines and internet deals have made cheap, but individual, holidays a reality.

Europe accounts for 80% of visits abroad, with Spain and France taking the top two positions. Foreign holidays are no longer just for those with high incomes, but are now accessible to a much wider range income brackets and people.

The number of Brits buying villas and apartments abroad is expanding fast and a large percentage of these second home owners are looking to rent out their property. Up until recently using an agent, or letting your property simply to friends and family have been the only options. However, these home owners now have the option to advertise their holiday rental property on the internet, via a forum such as One Off Places.

This means that they don't have to pay high agency fees, but can still be sure to receive the business. An added advantage to this is that the home owners don't need to pass on the prices to their clients, thereby reducing the costs for the holiday makers as well. Now that such a large percentage of the UK population have access to the internet, this method of advertising has become a reality.

People are no longer restricted to walking into a high street travel agent and booking a 7 night package in a resort. As international travel becomes more commonplace, people are looking to explore and to stay in interesting places. There are masses of fascinating individual style properties for rent around the world, whether you are seeking a secluded farmhouse in France, a converted watermill in Italy, or even a mountain cabin in Bali!

Written by: Tabitha Simonds

About the author:Tabitha Symonds is the founder of, a holiday rentals website specifically geared towards individual and one-off style properties. Launched in 2007 it offers users the chance to search for exactly what they want on their holiday, whether it's a secluded farmhouse, a penthouse apartment or a luxury villa.

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Foto said:
Friday, April 11, 2008 @ 3:26 PM

Tabitha Simonds' comments on the ever-burgeoning rental market is certainly a valid one but there is a caveat here for owners. However nice the property is, don't expect to rent it for good money unless it is presented to potential clients in a manner that is both professional and appealing. As a professional property photographer I see all too often the dull uninteresting photos people take of their apartments and villas and they wonder why all those 'out of season' months are empty! People 'buy' with their eyes and if the image is not clean, clear and interesting they will book elsewhere. My advice to property owners who genuinely want to fill those empty months is to re-take all those photos that they thought were good enough and create a little ambience and appeal. Look through a renter's eyes and compare your property with others out there, does it look lifeless, are all the walls too bare,have you made the most of the interior and exterior shots, can you do better? Dress and present your property properly and you will be surprised by how many more enquiries you'll receive!

rio said:
Wednesday, April 2, 2008 @ 5:09 PM

i have a lovely finca on the out skirts of alhaurin el grande. the views are spectacular it is a true gem could i benefit from your company and what is the cost
regards carol morgan

Laidek said:
Tuesday, April 1, 2008 @ 2:05 PM

I wonder if I can benefit by placing an advert for my Self Catering Holiday apartment in Princess Park, Calahonda with your company.

0044 7958541739

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