Top 5 Tips For Writing An Effective Rental Property Description

Published on 10/13/2011 in Renting Your Property

Writing with passion about the location of your holiday property to rent in Spain is crucial. It is just as important as taking good photographs.

The first rule is not to be overambitious when writing about your place in the sun. It is far better to be truthful and accurate with your copy than to be too colourful with your language.

Write from the heart

Write using words you are comfortable with and then throw in one or two you have taken from the dictionary. Write from the heart in describing why you believe your property stands out from the crowd. But, in doing so, remember that different people find different things attractive.

And people will judge your property as much about the feel they get about you, from the words you use, as about the size of your bathroom.

If it is an 8 minute walk from the beach, and not 5, then say so. If your property is located opposite the venue for summer fiestas, say so. But you can reveal these facts in a positive light.

For example: “our property is ideally located just a short eight minute walk to the beach.”

Or: “The house is located at the heart of the village and central to all local activities and fiestas.”

Choose descriptive words carefully and honestly

Spain holidayOnly use certain words if they match the dictionary definition. A “panoramic” view does not mean you can see the neighbours sunbathing from your own “sun drenched” roof terrace.

Panoramic actually means “an unbroken view of the entire surrounding area in all directions.”

Different people are looking for different things

And is that roof terrace truly sun drenched. Is the sun shining on it for all daylight hours? If so this will be attractive to many but may also ring alarm bells to those who know that sitting in 40 degree sunshine all day long may not be good for you.

So is there a shady section of the roof terrace that people can use to take a respite from the heat? Somewhere to sit and have lunch while enjoying that view.

And what about that view?

So what is that view? Can you sit back and savour the mountains? Is there a sea view? How much of that sea can you indeed see?

Don’t say there is an uninterrupted sea view unless indeed it is exactly that. If you need to stand on one foot with your neck craned in another direction in order to catch a glimpse of the waves in the distance; then it is probably best to say something along the lines of “you have a partial view of the nearby ocean.”

Paint that mental picture for potential tenants

If the property is in a “traditional Andalucian village,” then make a virtue of that. Many people renting in Spain do not want to be in a wealthy, modern, coastal location. Some want to experience daily life in a true Spanish town or village. They want to feel part of things.

Use attractive and descriptive words to give the potential tenant a mental picture to accompany those attractive photographs you have taken.

Check out some of the great descriptions on our website, the premier site for holiday lettings in Spain. All properties are rented directly from verified owners.

Written by: John Kramer

About the author:

John Kramer traveled extensively before settling in Southern Spain over thirteen years ago. He works for Spain's foremost holiday rental site Spain holiday.

Founded in 2002, the website now has in excess of 5100 properties across the whole of Spain.

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