Priests’ Spanish holiday

Published on 4/13/2010 in Holidays in Spain

Two young men in Ireland went to school together and when they were about 19 years of age they got a calling to the priesthood and being fast friends went off to St Patrick's College, Maynooth Seminary in Ireland together to study to become priests. 

After many years of study and time being sent in different Churches and Parishes, the Bishop responsible for the Diocese of Donegal and Raphoe called the two men into his office and offered them neighbouring vacant parishes in the remote West of Ireland.

At the beachThey were very lucky as they would have the help of the sisters in the adjoining convent, which they both shared pastoral responsibility for. This worked very well as it was a very big teaching convent turning out Missionaries, Doctors and Nurses with a very high proportion, naturally enough, of young novice nuns who were coming and going all the time. 

The young men were delighted and threw themselves into their work with great enthusiasm. They were very popular and because they were life long friends naturally they shared all the resources of both the parishes and were very successful. They never seemed to stop work or take a day off until one day they were called to see the bishop. The Bishop asked them how long was it since they had a holiday and when they thought about it they realised that even though they had been in their parishes for over 10 years they had never had break or a holiday.

The Bishop threw down 2 tickets to an all inclusive holiday in the Costa del Sol, in the south of Spain in the middle of a hot summer. They objected and said that they had far too much work to do to gallivant off to Spain. They were told that as the members of the Parish had paid for them, the least they could do was go. The only excuse they could think of was that they had no holiday clothes.

“Get your holiday gear when you arrive. They have shops in Spain as well you know” replied the Bishop.

So off they went and they got quite excited about the whole thing. They had never been in a taxi or an aeroplane before and never even been out of Ireland, never mind a couple of thousand miles away in a hot exotic foreign country. They decided to embrace the experience whole heartedly and to “Get with it” as Father Ted might have said.

The next day it was a beautiful hot sunny day with the heat reflecting of the sand so they went down to the local supermarket and bought their holiday gear. Long baggy shorts, loose brightly coloured Hawaiian T shirts, black ankle socks, which went half way up their shins, compulsory “Jesus” type sandals and of course huge sunglasses. Feeling suitably attired in their new tourist “Holiday Gear” the wandered down to the beach and booked 2 sun beds with umbrella’s to match the ones in their exotic cocktails. They lay back beside the clear blue sea and soaked up the hot Spanish sun. 

When one of them looked casually over the beach he saw a beautiful, really good looking ,stunning blond, with a body to kill for, in a tiny topless bikini, walking towards them trailing her little pink toes in the warm water.

Well!!! being priests they were a bit embarrassed and did not know were to look, but being, after all men, they knew only too well how to look at this vision of female beauty, but did not want to get caught doing it. . 

The boys said nothing when suddenly, as the girl drew level with them she said:

“Good morning Father James, Good morning Father Brian”, and giving them a big smile walked on along the hot sand quietly humming to herself.

Well, the pair of boys were absolutely flabbergasted. They lay back on their sun loungers stunned. 

“How did that slip of a girl in a topless bikini know, not only us, but know we are priests?” father James said. “and us half way around the world in a hot foreign Spanish type country we have never been in before and dressed in our special tourist holiday gear?”

The next morning they returned to the supermarket and bought even more outrageous holiday gear with huge sombreros, louder shirts, bigger baggy shorts, you name it they bought it. Down they went again to the beach in their new holiday gear, lay back on their sun loungers and soaked up the rays.

“Nobody will know us in this holiday gear” said Father James smugly.

Sure enough along came the curvy blond in an even smaller topless bikini trailing her toes in the warm Mediterranean water and quietly humming to herself. When she got level with our heroes she once more turned and said;

“Good morning Fathers. I hope you are enjoying your holidays?”

Well! The pair of boys were again knocked right back on their heels. How did she know?

Father Brian could stick it no longer and called after the girl:

“Excuse me young lady? Excuse me. We are proud to be priests and yes we are on our holidays, but we must ask you. How did you know we were both priests dressed in our new holiday gear?”

She turned towards them both and put her hands on her shapely hips and exclaimed 

“Augh Fathers!!. Do you not recognise me in my holiday gear? Sure I’m Sister Brigid from the convent back home”

Written by: Stephen Reid

About the author:

I am an Irish story teller but not the type that would immediately spring to mind. Whist I tell Gaelic stories as part of my repertoire I also tell contemporary stories and short funny stories. I have been doing it now for nearly 7.  See my website at

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