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30 Jan 2010 12:00 AM by Andrew Wilford Star rating. 187 posts Send private message

For those of you who have read the article in the Spanish paper "The Leader" it may well appear that Messrs Martinez and Aguilera have been able to walk away from their liabilities ... NOT SO ... it was always extremely obvious that the sums of money that between them they plundered from innocent victims would have to be "stashed" somewhere and you can be very sure that the Authorities will have not missed this point. The fact that two of the three "Fall Guys" running the Swiss Financial Company behind this scam are in prison means nothing. If any of you really think that any of the Directors of Trampolin would have simply passed €50 million to an unknown company without having some involvement you would be crazy in the extreme. NO .... certainly Antonio ... and I guess also Rafael know exactly where this money has been hidden and those in prison will have been paid handsomely for their services! Also it changes nothing anyway ... both of the partners in Trampolin are still guilty of fraud in any event ... worse for Rafael who is facing a Querella next month anyway! All of us can be very sure that Rafael and Antonio know exactly what they have done with the money and where it is hidden ... all that remains is for the Courts to start seizing their assets of which there many ... all having been paid for out of the companies coffers! Andrew Wilford

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