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21 Dec 2009 00:00 by orda Star rating in Manilva Heights. 203 posts Send private message

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I came back to the UK for Xmas and hired a car through Auto Europe for just  2 days for the bargain price of £46.85.  But, when I checked my credit card statement I realised they had charged me twice for the booking.  I rang their customer services who told me to ring Hertz.  After 10 minutes of trying to get past the voice of the automated moron system I finally spoke to a person who then proceeded to tell me that I must have pressed something twice to get two bookings.  But no worry sir we will cancel the second booking.  However. there will be a £30 cancellation fee!!!!!!  This is pure theft and we all need to start boycotting these thieving scum and put them out of business no matter how big they think they are.  Customer service with companies like this can be translated as "The computer says nooooo!"  Rot in hell Hertz.

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21 Dec 2009 16:09 by maylin Star rating in Andalucia and Hertfo.... 71 posts Send private message

Hi Orda

What awful service and rotten attitude.

I use Hertz all the time and have done so for many years.

I have booked with them directly in many countries in Europe and never had a problem. I have found them quite efficient, except for a little misunderstanding in Portugal, which was soon resolved. Their rates are also quite fair.

It is a shame you had this experience and I think if you press it with them it could be resolved.

From what you say you appear to have booked through a third party (Auto Europe) maybe the fault is with them.

Why not try your credit card company as well as both the above.

Anyway good luck to you. Keep pressing for a resolution.

Just thought I would share the good experiences I have had with Hertz.


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21 Dec 2009 16:31 by vilprano Star rating. 56 posts Send private message

We have only booked hertz once and that was on first trip to Mojacar.

We booked a small car from Murcia airport, on arrival we were bundled into a mini bus and taken to Murcia city where we were charged for a large people carrier. Resolving this took some time. We were eventually given our car in an underground car park in a shopping centre in rhe middle of Murcia with no idea how to get on our way.

Dark evening in a strange city first time driving on the right.

We got lost a number of times but the biggest loser was Hertz we are a large family who now travel to Spain or a regular basis. None of my family have ever used Hertz since.

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22 Dec 2009 10:51 by orda Star rating in Manilva Heights. 203 posts Send private message

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Good advice Maylin because there is a happy end to this story, I'm glad to say, and my faith in common sense and human kindness has been restored.  When I picked the car up and the branch manager asked me how I'd got on with customer services she was horrified to here how we had been treated. She gave me another number to ring because she wasn't able to sort it out herself at branch level.  When I returned home I rang that number, at Hertz, and the man I spoke to was also horrified to hear the treatment I had received, but he couldn't understand who I'd spoken to and he didn't recognise the phone number I'd originally been given.  Anyway, he told me that the money had been taken, not by Hertz, but by Auto Europe, the company I'd booked through.  He told me to ring them as he was sure they would sort it out.  Sure enough, I rang them and spoke to a total of 2 really lovely American ladies who identified the problem straight away as being an over-sensitive website, where even a slight tremor of the finger on the typing keys can cause a double booking, and they cancelled it at no charge and refunded the over-payment.  They were really nice and very calming to talk to (real professionals) and, even though they didn't know who I'd originally spoken to, they apologised on their behalf.  So thanks to them and well done Hertz and Auto Europe.  I will definitely still be a customer.

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22 Dec 2009 12:01 by maylin Star rating in Andalucia and Hertfo.... 71 posts Send private message

Hi Orda,

Glad you got it sorted.

I suppose as with all large, or even small organisations, there can be mistakes made. As always it is how they deal with their mistakes that matters. Just a matter of standing your ground and not letting them win.

It appears that they dealt with you in a sensible way.

Good luck to you.


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