Sevillana Endesa - has anyone else had a problem??

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02 Dec 2009 00:00 by sensible Star rating. 7 posts Send private message

 I have replied to a post sky high electricity bill - my reply is not really relevant to that post, but I feel that Endesa have treated me unfairly and I want to let people know about their bully boy tactics, and their sheer incompetence.

I left Spain because I could no longer tolerate the pressure I was under - having your life line (bank account) frozen is a serious threat, and one they made to my lawyer,even though my lawyer gave them evidence that I was not a tenant at the property and had not been for many months.  I can post extracts of emails from my lawyer and comments made to them from Endesa stating that they will no longer bother me - I had to remind my lawyer that I had it in writing from their firm that the matter was closed as confirmed by Endesa.  A very long, and sad tale indeed, not nice when something like this happens through no fault of your own, they think that we ex pats have nothing else better to do than to surrender to their bully boy tactics just to protect our bank account.  I have heard numerous horror stories about frozen bank accounts, not easy to unfreeze, does that surprise me? Not in the slightest.  Had I any intention of staying in Spain, I would have had no option but to have surrendered to their threats and paid for the new tenants electricity, otherwise I would have been giving them full access to my bank account and assets.  It stinks.  

As Volvo said at least Jesse James wore a mask, so did Dick Turpin, but these guys don´t need to wear masks do they, they are after all unanswerable to us the cash cow ex pats, they are either behind a glass screen in their offices or on the other end of a phone no doubt laughing at us.

Please read my saga - and believe me this is only the tip of the ice berg.  

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02 Dec 2009 12:23 by sensible Star rating. 7 posts Send private message

 I have confirmed with Sevillana Endesa that right now the electricity contract for apartment ?.?? the one of the debt, is cancelled. Once the €79,80 is paid, this matter will be finally closed. The sooner this is paid the better, as they are about to start proceedings to seize properties or bank accounts on your name.

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02 Dec 2009 13:16 by lasiesta Star rating in Costa del Sol. 58 posts Send private message

We got so fed up this year of money going out of our accounts whenever they felt like it so we stopped all our debits. Now our electric and telefonica is paid in cash at the post office. Luckily we have online access for both of these as the bills never turn up!  It also helps that these bills have the "correct barcode" on them to pay at the PO or Bank. Previously if our debit bounced we had to physically go to the electric company, queue for what felt like days, get a copy of the bill with a "barcode on it" , then take that to the PO to pay then take the receipt back to the electric company, which by then was usually closed for the day!!! Now wouldn't it make sense that all bills were produced the same so that if there was a problem you could easily pay it? And why can you not pay by bank transfer - surely a company as big as Endesa have a bank account? I would also avoid paying by phone with a credit card or debit card - we did this once and then when our bill bounced another time they automatically took it from our credit card without our authorisation!!

I am sorry to hear that you left Spain although we have felt the same on a number of occassions. I do hope your problem is sorted soon.

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02 Dec 2009 14:06 by sensible Star rating. 7 posts Send private message

 lasiesta many thanks for your best wishes and comments.

I guess that the problem will never be resolved in their eyes unless I pay up, why should I - I no longer hear from my lawyers I guess that has nothing to do with the fact that E have realised the error of their ways more likely that they have ground the lawyers down too.  An email I received from my lawyer contained the following comment

I reiterate, once this payment is made Endesa will not bother you any more as there is no electricity contract on your name at all now.

Yet less than 8 weeks later they threatened me again for the €525 electricity bill run up by the incoming tenants.

This stinks, and it probably was what tipped me over the edge in the end, forcing me to rethink about my future, did I have one in Spain, I think the answer is evidently clear.


Forgot to mention that this matter was settled as mentioned in my previous post.  




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