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11 May 2009 00:00 by thecleaner Star rating. 13 posts Send private message


we are in the process of moving to the villamartin area  southern costa blanca this year with a trip planned in july

im looking at setting up a domestic and commercial cleaning business in the area covering window  and general cleaning

is there a market for this  service in these hard times

i carry out  the same  work in the uk and even though we are in the middle of maybe the worst recession in years i am still busy but i am looking for a better life for the family

we have visited the area numerous times over the years and have chosen the area due to the large ex pat community

any comments welcome



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11 May 2009 23:17 by EOS Team Star rating in In Spain of course!. 4018 posts Send private message

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I think this is a tough one to answer but here's what I think...and have observed.

In terms of domestic cleaners, they tend to be foreign (many Romanians in our neck of the woods) and the going rate here is around 8 euros an hour.

I'm not sure about commercial cleaners but I assume most use the same sort of cleaners.

The one thing I would note is that all the cleaners we know are very busy and never seem to lack any work.  

Hope that helps somewhat!



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12 May 2009 13:15 by deniseatnycs Star rating in Sol Golf Nr Villamar.... 136 posts Send private message

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Hi "the cleaner"

Glad to hear that you have chosen our lovely area to be your new home and hope that you have every success with your move.

We have lived in Villamartin for just over five years, and like you previous to our move, we owned a large contract cleaning Company in the U.K.  One of the main reasons for our move was the amount of paperwork (mostly senseless) which we thought we would escape once we moved here..... wrong.

It is very difficult to run a legal business in Spain due to the lack of allowances for I.V.A. (V.A.T) which has to be paid at 16% on every penny (cent) earned starting from one cent!  On top of this the Social Security payment is a flat rate of around 284 euro per month and this is also payable from the minute you start working not on the amount you earn.  We have struggled and managed to build up a decent sized business but we have strong competetion from those just doing the work for pocket money and no doubt you will come across many of these yourselves.

Our very good friends operate a window/car valet/ steam clean business and do most of the bars and shops in the Villamartin area.  Due to the general lack of trade they have had many bar owners etc, doing the work themselves this year and therefore have suffered a massive drop in revenue.  Bearing all the above in mind I would have a very good think before you give up a successful business in the U.K. and try and keep that option open.  Saying that we gave it up and its the best thing that we ever did.  Good luck.


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12 May 2009 13:54 by EOS Team Star rating in In Spain of course!. 4018 posts Send private message

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Much better advice from Denise there than from me. She makes some very valid points there.



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16 Jul 2009 23:49 by thecleaner Star rating. 13 posts Send private message


we  have just returned from a trip to villamartin and explored many of the surrounding communities i think establishing a cleaning and window cleaning business is viable but at this time it is safer in the domestic rather than the commercial market

i dont think it will make me rich but i would think with enough advertising and marketing it will work

as we did notice the high percentage of shops and bars closed and up for sale or rent or just empty much more so than 6 months ago when we were last in the area

can any one suggest what they think is the best urbanisation or town in the area in which to settle bearing in mind we have 3 small children so schools beach shops bars etc are important

villamartin is lovely but i seem to think its more of a holiday -seasonal community rather than all year round

we have decided it may be prudent to rent for a year to see how things go

any thoughts

ps anyone know what happened to the bookies in villamartin plaza went to put a bet on and his closed down and lease up for sale

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17 Jul 2009 00:03 by morerosado Star rating in Guardamar del Segura.... 6943 posts Send private message

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Check your PMs thecleaner









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