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01 Sep 2015 14:10 by Plantagenet Star rating in Jaen. 32 posts Send private message

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Does anyone know if this form can be used to make a complaint against the health service?  Whilst I see the notices in bars and shops etc, I have yet to see one in a hospital.- thank you

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01 Sep 2015 14:50 by mariedav Star rating in Ciudad Quesada. 1126 posts Send private message

Yes. Our medical centre has them on the counter. Haven't been to a hospital for a long time but imagine you could ask at reception.


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01 Sep 2015 21:47 by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 5247 posts Send private message

They MUST be available in every establishment which deals with the public, hospitals, bars, police stations etc.  If you ask for the form (top and two copies) and it is not supplied, then call the Policia Local. They should attend, demand the form and if not available they should issue an on the spot fine and close the establishment.

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02 Sep 2015 08:31 by Plantagenet Star rating in Jaen. 32 posts Send private message

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Thank you both very much.  I can't see the local police closing a hospital so if I am treated next time the way I was last time then I will certainly ask for the form knowing that they have to provide one. 

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02 Sep 2015 09:48 by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 5247 posts Send private message

The first time I asked for the forms at the National Police, on behalf of  a victim of crime who was having problems making a crime report, the police said they did not have them. When I said should I now call the Policia Local,  the Comisario (the chief at the station) came down to put things right immediately. He was very concerned and did not want a complaint recorded against his station.

So do not under estimate the system.

Of course a public concern like a hospital would of course have the forms, just as the police did,  albeit that might be a little reluctant to produce them.   By showing you know how the system works, I am sure they will jump to attention and resolve your grievance.


PS   I have previous posted who one completes the forms and the process entailed.


This may be of interest:- .

Right obligations of citizens in the public health services of Andalusia.

In accordance with Andalusian Health Act 2/1998, published in the Official Gazette of the Government of Andalusia number 74, of 4th July.

Your Rights as a user of the healthcare system

To receive care under conditions of equality, without discrimination for any reason, respecting your personality, human dignity and privacy.

To be offered the available healthcare, benefits and services necessary to care for your health.

 For you, your relatives or companions to receive information in comprehensible language on everything related to your process, including diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, expected stay in hospital and alternative treatment.

To receive information on the health services and benefits to which you may have access and the necessary requisites in each case.

To be offered information on health prevention and promotion programmes carried out in your primary healthcare centre.

To be informed on collective health aspects of special interest, incidence or risk.

To be received personally on arrival at a health centre, and especially in hospital, to be informed of all matters that can make your stay more comfortable.

To receive clear and comprehensible information on treatment, surgical procedures and tests that involve risks, before your written consent is obtained.

 To know about and give prior written authorization to procedures used in a teaching or research project which under no circumstances may entail an additional risk for your health.

 To choose from the options submitted by your doctor, and to refuse any health intervention, except in the cases established by law (risk for public health, incapacity and urgent intervention in cases of risk of irreversible injury or danger to life).

To be accompanied by a relative or person you trust at all times during the healthcare process, provided that clinical circumstances so permit.

To have all the information concerning your care in any health centre kept confidential, and to have access to the personal data obtained during your care.

To have a written record, or record on technical support, of your process kept in your medical record. The information, which must be in one record for each health institution, will include your state of health and evolution, as well as the tests and treatment you receive.

 To have access to your medical records, using the established procedures.

To receive a report on discharge from hospital, on completion of a specialist consultation, and on discharge from emergency.

To be issued a certificate attesting to the state of your health.

To be assigned a doctor and a primary healthcare centre to treat you, although you may choose another doctor and centre.

 To choose your general practitioner and paediatrician from among those practising in your town or city, and also from among the other doctors in the Health District corresponding to your address.

To choose a specialist for consultations, when in the opinion of your GP or paediatrician, you need to be treated by such a specialist, and to receive care from the same specialist during your process.

To choose a hospital within the Public Healthcare System of Andalusia, if you are waiting for an operation.

To have a second medical opinion on your process, in the terms established.

To know the name and function of the professionals who treat you.

To be operated on within the term established in ruling legislation for each of the procedures of the Public Health System.

To receive healthcare in an acceptable time, depending on the process, and to be offered information on waiting times for

consultations, tests and operations for the various processes.

To have the Charter of Rights and Obligations available in all health centres. You are also entitled to make complaints and suggestions and to receive a reply within the established periods.

To participate in the public healthcare system through the Area Health Boards, represented by Consumers and Users Associations and to express your opinion through different social research models, and to receive information on the resulting measures for improvement.

To have all appropriate actions taken that, together with the care for your process, are aimed at reducing and relieving suffering and pain both in critical situations and in the process of death, in accordance with maximum respect for autonomy, integrity and human dignity.

To have your living will, declared using the established procedure, taken into account..

To have the information on your genome kept confidential and not used for any kind of discrimination. You are also entitled to obtain the advantages deriving from available new genetic technology in accordance with the ruling legislative framework.

To use information and communication technologies, in accordance with the development of such technologies in health services, with criteria of accessibility, security and continuity.


Your Obligations

To comply with the general instructions on health common to the entire population, and those of the health services, in accordance with the established provisions.

To respect the rules established in the centre, and to respect the personnel providing services in it.

To be responsible for the use of the resources and benefits offered by the Public Health Service of Andalusia, basically as regards the use of services, pharmaceutical benefits, orthoprosthetic benefits and unfitness for word procedures.

To take care of facilities and collaborate in their maintenance.

To comply with the administrative rules and requisites for use of and access to healthcare benefits.

To sign, if you refuse treatment, the pertinent document in which it will be clearly stated that the patient has been sufficiently informed and refuses the suggested treatment.


Junta de  Andalucia



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02 Sep 2015 10:49 by Plantagenet Star rating in Jaen. 32 posts Send private message

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Goodness me, you are so helpful.  I shall print that off and take it with me.   I had so much trouble last time I went for these scans and the  female operative was so rude and dismissive and I was kept waiting more that 2 hours after my appointment time and not allowed to go to the toilet.  Hopefully thiss next time will be much better.


Thank you so much once again.


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02 Sep 2015 11:04 by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 5247 posts Send private message

You should find that list of Rights and Obligations displayed in the hospital, if not ask for a copy. They are printed in Spanish and English, and maybe other languages too,

I believe it is just about the same in every Region, but I stand to be corrceted.

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