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17 Dec 2014 10:36 by ms51 Star rating in uk/Los Alcazares. 100 posts Send private message

Hi all

Can anyone point me in the right direction, I am looking for internet, without having a phone line ?

Any suggestions or advise please, 

Thank you in advance 

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17 Dec 2014 13:35 by mac75 Star rating in Valencia. 407 posts Send private message

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Yes, check out  the same company that does the car rentals. They have now partnered with Vodafone and offer ADSL 20 megas over the movistar/vodafone network. It costs 23 euros a month vat included. I was looking for the same thing this week. It is without a phone line. Another option  is  : 15 megas at 12 euros a month, but I'm not sure they have much coverage you will need to check. A member of the family has netllar and it works fine, she streams tv without any problems.

Hope this helps :-)


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A donde el corazón se inclina, el pie camina.

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17 Dec 2014 14:30 by ms51 Star rating in uk/Los Alcazares. 100 posts Send private message

Thank you 

Have tried but say's not in my area, so have emailed the other

Thank you for the info :)

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12 Feb 2015 19:14 by growler Star rating in Birmingham & Benejúz.... 164 posts Send private message

How did you get on with this ms51?  I'm looking purely at getting some wifi capability installed asap.

Anyone else got any recent experience or tips on broadband service as a stand alone offering?

[ Seems to be quite a lot of broadband info on here which has become obsolete now ]

Thanks in anticipation.

Kind Regards..Pat

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12 Feb 2015 20:37 by ms51 Star rating in uk/Los Alcazares. 100 posts Send private message

Did so may companies, but it all depends on your area. I went in the end will teleast pay as you go, 100e for dish then how every much you need. Eurona wasagood price, but could not get the signal which was the same with most.

Are you a resident? if so try Eurona if not pay as you go could be your answer :)

Hope it helped :)

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12 Feb 2015 23:04 by hdas Star rating in Alicante. 1 posts Send private message

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** EDITED - Against forum rules - spam **


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15 Feb 2015 08:16 by CristianSelected Star rating in Madrid - Marbella. 4 posts Send private message

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If you have 4g or a good 3g in your area, amena has a great deal. 29€ iva inclusive, for a 100 gb a month usege, but not more than 5 gb download. You have to buy a router from them that cost 59€. ( I use it and work perfect).

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15 Feb 2015 11:39 by starfox Star rating. 58 posts Send private message

If you can't get a wired broadband to your property the absolute best option is to find a local wimax supplier and hope that it is covered in your area.

By far it was the best decision we made, not a single issue with the connection, consistent 6 down and 2 up as advertised and unlimited data for 30ish Euro a month. I don't know what may be on offer in your area but this is the way to go. Even if we moved to a place where the copper installion was provided I think we'd take the wimax with us.


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