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18 Nov 2014 8:55 PM by antonio1 Star rating in UK Chester. Spain, C.... 61 posts Send private message

So far I have always flown in an afternoon/evening but I can only see early morning flights for next year with both Ryanair and Easyjet. I wonder if any seasoned travellers would know if they wait until all the morning seats are sold before scheduling afternoon flights?

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20 Nov 2014 10:47 AM by foxbat Star rating in Granada. 1114 posts Send private message

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Just a thought but wouldn't MAN offer more flights and a better choice of airlines?



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20 Nov 2014 2:17 PM by antonio1 Star rating in UK Chester. Spain, C.... 61 posts Send private message

Hi Foxbat,

Manchester is an option but Liverpool is so much easier to park close to the terminal buildings quite cheaply and coming home you are off the plane and out in no time. I have enquired at Ryanair this morning and the answer was to check at the end of Nov, thats only ten days so will wait and see and if nothing comes up will have to fly from Manchester.


Fingers crossed!

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20 Nov 2014 3:34 PM by foxbat Star rating in Granada. 1114 posts Send private message

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I have a similar situation... we live in Southsea and our doorstep airport is obviously Southampton but there are no direct public transport links from Portsmouth and there is only one operator from there to AGP and thats Flybe and frankly the way they have been screwing around with fares, times and dates is pushing them out of our comfort zone.

From AGP we have a 90 monute coach trip to our home (on the doorstep of Granada Airport) when we land.

Our ideal would be SOU-GRX  but no-one operates that route. Bit snobby I know, but having spent 40 years in the aviation business, I prefer to use the mainstream airlnes rather than Ryan and Easy. Monarch used to operate LGW-GRX but then Ryan took over at Granada and forced Monarch out. Then when subsidies were removed Ryan moved out of Granada and left us with no international flights at all. For four long years this remained the case but then BA with much trumpeting announced that they would be starting a London- Granada service... great we thought... right up to the point at which they announced that the service would operate out of London City Airport... WTF! What a waste of time... LCY- good  if you live or work within a few miles of the City or in Ilford or Romford but a total waste of time otherwise.

So now we are stuck; we eiher pay Flybe's rapidly escalating fares, or are stuck with a 90 minute coach trip to and from both Gatwick and Malaga! We spend more time waiting around for, and on, connecting public transport services than we do on the flight itself!  A two and three quarter hour flight takes around twelve hours to achieve! Grrrrr!



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20 Nov 2014 4:46 PM by antonio1 Star rating in UK Chester. Spain, C.... 61 posts Send private message

Flew from Liverpool to Malaga 5th Nov, left home 10 am flight was 15 mins late taking off but flying time was exactly two hours so still arrived 40 mins early, picked a car up and were in our apartment by17:30 local time so 6.5 hrs travel and we were probably an hour earlier than we needed to be at the airport. It cost £125.96 return for two of us. I don't see the point of paying more to take longer to get there on the other airlines. Liverpool airport is a bit shabby but you are quick through security and luggage is off in no time.

Even Manchester is mostly Ryanair or Easyjet to Malaga, Monarch also but aren't they in the process of going cheap and cheerful?

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20 Nov 2014 6:11 PM by foxbat Star rating in Granada. 1114 posts Send private message

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Monarch can be a bit hit or miss regarding their flights and or aircraft. On my last trip back to the UK (I'm in Spain full time) the AGP-LGW leg was in an almost new A321 and in as much as if flying could ever be called a 'pleasurable' experience, the flight was easily on a par with BA or Iberia.  Monarch are and always have been a sort of halfway house between the locos and the traditional airlines.

More thread drift... Last time I sw Liverpool Airport it was still called Speke and the old terminal was still in use. Neither Ryan or Easy existed.  I see you quote Chester as your home address... I was in the RAF at Sealand at the time living in .married quarters on the base, this was back in the mid seventies and a gang of us from the base were seconded to attend an RAF recruiting stand at the annual Speke airshow!

For RAF engineering personnel Sealand really was 'the pits;' why on earth the powers-that-be thought that we would make good promotors of a life in the RAF, Lord knows!




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