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Soy... un hombre

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Me gusta... DIY, walking,reading

Trabajo de... retired chartered engineer

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03 Oct 2014 4:38 PM:

I have been using both a laptop and a tablet (both with Windows 8) for some time and been able to access EOS equally well from both.  Now, when I try to logon on the tablet ot refuses to do so, even when I am logged out on the laptop.  Is this a technical problem, or a change in useage rules?



Thread: login problem

21 Sep 2014 9:27 AM:

Sorry to say, but Spain isn't for you at the moment. Eggcup is right, you need to go back and have that operation asap. You can then try Spain again once you are well. Please do your research first though. Spain isn't a land of milk and honey and you will have many hurdles to cross, not least the work situation.

Tadd...the S1 form was scrapped for new applicants in April this year.

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Thread: question re. healthcare and current medical issue. help needed

20 Sep 2014 2:03 PM:

If you don't want peoples opinions on this forum, take the contract to a lawyer and get an expert opinion on your particular contract. That way you will know if you have a "legal" right to stay in the property after you have been given notice to leave.

You are not in your home country, so what would happen there is of little relevance in Spain.

Thread: Landlord wants to sell

19 Sep 2014 11:57 AM:

Is your husband working and paying into the Spanish healthcare system? If so, that should also cover you and the children for healthcare in Spain. Otherwise, I can see no option but to pay for private treatment in Spain or go back to the UK , with or without your family. An EHIC card will not cover this as it's for holiday use only.

There is quite a lot on this forum about healthcare.

Thread: question re. healthcare and current medical issue. help needed

19 Sep 2014 11:42 AM:

Why not contact your solicitor Gary? He should be able to quickly clear this up for you. Foxbat is right, you have to apply for your NIE, but probably your solicitor did this for you if he had poa.

Thread: Hidralia - calling the helpline to set up payments


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