What is legal regarding UK cars

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23 Nov 2011 00:00 by twinmummy Star rating in Formentera del segur.... 82 posts Send private message

 A long story cut short, my husband was pulled by the police in our UK registered car, We have every intention of getting the car on Spanish plates but we are both out of work and have very little money, My Husband is a metalworker and we have been advertising the fact that he does metal work via car magnets so he can get some work. These come off and on the car like a fridge magnet, not permanent. When the police pulled him over they found that the car was legal but have made a report and sent it to traffico, and said they will be in contact via a letter asking for more info, they saifd that this will probabally lead to a hefty fine, in the thousands, obviously very worried and shocked and if things were not hard enough for us we now have this to figure out. Any help advise, links etc would be much appreciated. We fdid not even know we was doing anything wrong, just wanted to advertise to get some work to pay our way. We have obviously took the magnets off and will not be doing it again, seems a bit extreme when we took them off and said we was not aware, I have seen other UK reg vehciles that have sign writting on them, so is it illegal or is there some clause or way out of this.


If worst comes to the worst and we do incur this hefty fine, does anyone know if the fines here can be paid in instalments, and what happens if you cannot pay the fine, I hope it doesnt go as far as prison, any help would be appreciated I am so worried.


Waiting in anticipation, 

Please have a look at www.steelockfabrications.com for anything metal.

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23 Nov 2011 23:22 by gwm Star rating in Pizarra. 139 posts Send private message

The fine is about 1,000 euros. I think, if you  get stopped again and they check it up they may take the car off you. I know there are  U.K. vans etc with sign writing on them, they will get caught, especially  now the police are looking for money. I don't know how they make you pay this fine as the car is on UK plates, probably embargo your bank account.

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24 Nov 2011 15:56 by Roberto Star rating in Torremolinos. 4543 posts Send private message

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What exactly are you being reported for? The magnets, or the UK registration? I don't know anything about these magents, but I can easily see how they'd be illegal - they could fly off and injure a pedestrian or cyclist, for example. Setting that aside, how will Tráfico contact you? Presumably you gave the police a Spanish address? Is it clear that you are advertising for work here in Spain? If so, clearly you are residents - in which case you should not be driving a UK registered vehicle and should have already started the process of re-registering it. Seems to me if there's a fine due, it's more likely for that. If you have not registered as residents, your best bet may be to claim you are only here on holiday, staying in your holiday home, and that the adverts on your car were to advertise services in the UK, and hope that they can't be bothered to persue it any further. Maybe you'll hear nothing more anyway.



"Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please"

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