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22 Nov 2011 00:00 by deeleys Star rating. 17 posts Send private message

Does anybody know the best and cheapest way to send 3 Euros to CAM in Spain.  While in Spain last month I closed my account and the cashier said that I had to wait 30 days to close my debit card.  She told me to leave 3 Euros in for charges.  I said to leave 10 just in case but she said just to leave the 3.  I have now emailed the bank to make sure it is closed and they have said that I owe them 5,06 Euros.  I am fuming and sent them an email saying that they should waiver this.  I don't expect they will so I am looking for a way to send it.  Should I just cellotape three Euros to a card and send it in the post?  Should I ask my lawyer as a favour as she works around the corner from the bank?  Any ideas welcome. Thanks.

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22 Nov 2011 18:48 by gwm Star rating in Pizarra. 139 posts Send private message

I wouldn't bother at all.

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22 Nov 2011 20:29 by mariadecastro Star rating in Algeciras (Cadiz). 9347 posts Send private message

Legal Questions? Speak to Maria Direct

 Well, yest maybe your lawyer can just say... come on CAM!


Maria L. de Castro, JD, MA



El blog de Maria

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22 Nov 2011 21:29 by Keith110 Star rating in the UK and I am lead.... 682 posts Send private message

Hi Deeleys

CAM Bank needs every cent it can get - but I don't think your 5,06 Euros will make much difference!  Tell them that next time you are in Spain you will pop into the branch and pay it. 

In the meantime just forget about it.  I am sure they will not chase you for such a small sum, especially as you offered to keep 10 Euros in the account in the first place and they instructed otherwise.

CAM is corrupt from top to bottom.

They accepted 2 million Euros of our groups off-plan deposits and failed to protect the funds according to LEY 57/68.

The Ex-President - Modesto Crespo and Ex-CEO's - Roberto Lopez Abad and María Dolores Amoros ruined the bank and lined their own pockets.


Bank of Spain Governor Miguel Angel Fernandez Ordonez called the behaviour of the CAM executives "scandalous" and said the bank was "the worst of the worst" at a press conference in September.

Kind regards



LEY 57/1968


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22 Nov 2011 22:05 by deeleys Star rating. 17 posts Send private message

Thanks everyone.  I have emailed my lawyer to see if she can help.

Hi Keith

Yes I know all about CAM.  They have 20,000 Euros of my money as well.  When I sent them an email asking them to waive the 3 Euros, I also reminded them that they had got 20,000 of mine already.  I am waiting for the reply.  I don't think they will allow me to close it until I pay the money. 

When I was over in Spain last month it was to denounce the developer in court.  It has taken about 4 years since we paid the deposit.  I wanted to go for the bank but the lawyer told us to go for the developer.  I think she is now thinking that going for the bank would have been better.  I think there is also a seperate court case against CAM in Motril, which apparantly we can join at any time?

We have signed your petition and always follow any news on this site regarding these matters.



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22 Nov 2011 22:36 by Keith110 Star rating in the UK and I am lead.... 682 posts Send private message

Hi Steve

If you have proof of your off-plan deposit going into the developers bank account then it is best to file a Lawsuit against both the developer and Bank.

I am sure you will probably win the case against the developer, but the difficult process will start when you try to execute the judgement in an attempt to get your money back.  Is your developer solvent?  Do they have any assets?

Kind regards



LEY 57/1968


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22 Nov 2011 22:54 by rod Star rating in Uk and Spain. 469 posts Send private message

If you dont pay the 3 euros it will escalate and in a few years you will get a demand for three thousand euros knowing how CAM and the other banks work

The only difference between them and DICK TURPIN is he wore a MASK


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22 Nov 2011 23:07 by deeleys Star rating. 17 posts Send private message

Hi Keith

I mentioned at the court that we weren't given a bankers guarantee and they asked me whether CAM gave the deposit to the developer so I am hoping the judge blames the bank as this is the only way I think we could recover the money.  The court did ask us whether we knew about the CAM case going on in Motril.  I am not sure why they asked us this though.  There are a few companies being denounced as money was moved between them so the administrators should be found guilty but I am not sure they have any money to give back.



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23 Nov 2011 14:48 by deeleys Star rating. 17 posts Send private message

Just to let you know that my lawyer went into the bank and paid the 3 Euros for me.  My account with CAM is now closed.

Thanks for your help.


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