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11 Oct 2011 00:00 by vanessaanne4 Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

 I don´t no if you read our article in the paper, but I am so desperate I am asking everyone if they can help, if you have a camper van that you don´t ever think you will get rid off that us and my two little boys could sleep in at night with the danger of the wall coming down on us in the house when we are asleep, that you could give to us or no anyone who as one, it would be really appreciated, I´m sorry for being so cheeky but when your fighting for your families life you will do anything thanks Vanessa 

Sleepless and scared
DESPERATE COUPLE Clive and Vanessa Geisler and their adopted five-year-olds children Luke and Mark want to flee their Costa Blanca home and the increasing threat of a major disaster.
Worry means the adults can no longer sleep at night and nerves are stretching at every unexplained noise.
However, a lack of money means they cannot afford to rent an apartment or even buy a mobile home.
An illegally built wall bordering their Denia property has cast a shadow over their lives. It is cracking and bowing and has been condemned as in imminent danger of collapse by a succession of engineers.
The three metre high was built by the Geisler’s neighbour to level his plot and build a landscaped garden, pool and barbeque area. However, it holds back an unstable mix of loose earth, hardcore and polystyrene.
Earlier this summer the town hall issued enforcement notices on neighbour Hans Sick to remove the unsafe structure and end years of torment and ongoing court cases.
Although he acknowledged the official documents no action was taken. It is alleged Mr Sick – who also owns properties in Germany, Switzerland and the United States – has now lodged an out of time appeal with the local authority.
Vanessa told RTN the last notice warned the neighbour there he had a month to start the work, estimated to cost over 21,000€.
She said if that deadline was missed the council would do the work itself and charge the neighbour.
“But the man at the town hall said the council did not have the money to do it and would just keep on sending enforcement notices – it means he is just laughing at us now,” she said.
“The architect’s department said we are caught up in the middle of a game of ping pong.”
Clive explained how they had wanted to knock down their own garage and a heavy lintel connecting it to their home – but had been barred because that could trigger the collapse.
“The garage is buckling under the weight, the lintel is being forced through the wall of our bathroom, there are cracks everywhere and we just don’t know what to do,” he said.
“If there is a lot of rain or, God forbid, a Gota Fria, there will be one monumental landslide.
“I am at the end of my tether. I am at my wits’ end with worry and have just sat watching this wall in tears – it is becoming completely unbearable.”
Vanessa added: “We cannot sleep at night – we just lie in bed worrying – as soon as you hear a noise, a bang or a thud, you start wondering what is happening.
“Life has become totally unbearable – it makes my blood boil. Earlier this summer it looked as if it was sorted after seven long years.”
She added: “The kids are miserable, fed up and irritable because we will not let them play outside like normal children and they are upset because they know we are constantly worried about something.”
Vanessa appealed for anyone with an unused caravan or motor home to lend or give  it to the family. “We would park it close by and at least be able to get some sleep.”
six four nine seven four three nine zero one

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11 Oct 2011 22:58 by altealavella Star rating in Orxeta. 42 posts Send private message

If you are on facebook look for sell your stuff costa blanca or look for me Lorna Gleadell and i will invite yiu to join Javea Connect,

i am sure someone on there can help you , Regards, Lorna


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