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15 Aug 2011 00:00 by janie2003 Star rating. 129 posts Send private message

 It seems we have a poltergeist in the flat.

I causes no harm and is in no way scary merely hiding things for a few days then returning them but in the most unlikely place.

For example the ladle, which would never leave the kitchin. My partner and I rummaged through every drawer and cupboard without success.

Couple of days later it reappeared in the laundry.

The flat is only 30 years old not the sort of place you woulod expect to find such activity.

It does have its upside in that there is never a clear parking space here yet when we go out in the car it always makes a space for me near to home.

My question is does anyone have any idea how to comunicate with the poltergeist.

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15 Aug 2011 17:04 by campana Star rating in Marbella. 474 posts Send private message

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You absolutely must start having conducted tours!   Huge interest in Spain in the paranormal.

How about this:


Most haunted house in Malaga - Cortijo Jurado
This large 19th century mansion stands alongside the A357 highway in campanillos (Malaga). It is voted the most haunted house in the province and there's good reason why.

Also known locally as 'Casa Encantada', this imposing building was built by the Heredia family and has 365 windows, one for each day of the year. It was constructed as part of the plan to extend their farm into a large agricultural enterprise.


In 1925, the mansion passed to new owners, the Jurado family. Legend says that the Heredia family, together with other wealthy families in Malaga, kidnapped young girls between the ages of 18-21, took them to the house and subjected them to Satanic rituals including rape and murder. Their bodies are said to be burried within the building.


The house has been examined many times over the years by paranormal experts and there are plenty of people who have witnessed strange things. See video below.


The property which covers some 45,206 square metres of land and is worth an estimated 1.4 million euros, was put up for auction in May 2009 on the orders of a local judge. The owners, Mirador property group were in financial trouble and a creditor had insisted the property was sold. The sale failed due to an 'admin error'.


In 2002, Mirador were granted permission to build a 4 star hotel on the site and in December 2004 the first stone was laid. Since then, not a brick has been laid, although there have been many attempts.


Mysterious voices have been heard in the property and there have been several appearances of ghostly figures. Recently, a curious young boy was rescued from a well at the property. He had been ghost hunting. There is so much interest in the property that a special security company has been employed to keep people out. As news broke of sightings in Malaga, people flocked to the property intheir hundreds.


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15 Aug 2011 17:11 by janie2003 Star rating. 129 posts Send private message

 You have just given me an idea, conducted tours and whilst they are here hope it lifts their walletts and pops them into my bill draw. lol

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15 Aug 2011 20:50 by EOS Team Star rating in In Spain of course!. 4017 posts Send private message

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Brilliant!  A money making opportunity....better just hope that "spirit" hangs around for a while!

I read that stuff about the place in Malaga recently.  The whole story behind it is really spooky...but I'd love to go in there...



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15 Aug 2011 21:00 by tonynault Star rating in Stockport & Cox!. 88 posts Send private message

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 On a similar theme, my wife and I stayed in an apartment on Entre Narajos near Los Montesinos whilst looking for a property to buy. And almost everynight both of us had the most horrible nightmares!  aAnd every night we would close the door to the 2nd bedroom that we didn't use, and each morning it would be standing open! Now we are not the type of people who subscribe to "things that go bump etc" but it got to the stage that we dreaded bedtime because we would wake up shouting!

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15 Aug 2011 22:00 by campana Star rating in Marbella. 474 posts Send private message

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I tend to be rather skeptical about these matters, but then again some strange things do happen.  Some years ago in the apartment we then had in central Marbella I was sat on the side of the bed, in the middle of a sunny day, talking on the phone to a friend who had called me from abroad.  I was alone in the apartment.  I got a sharp, quite hefty push in the back which made me jump and I must have said "Ow" and gone silent, because my friend said: "What's happened there."  I just prtended I had let something fall or some other excuse. 

Other than that there were no experiences.


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15 Aug 2011 22:15 by EOS Team Star rating in In Spain of course!. 4017 posts Send private message

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I have always been one of the non-believers in that sort of stuff, but after my granmother died a few years ago, who was really into all that sort of stuff, I could write a book about the wierd things that have happened to me since!

I am always the first to try and find a reason why something has happened but even I have had to admit on too many occassions that there just weren't any explanations at all.

Maybe one day I'll share some of my stories on here...they are really freaky.



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16 Aug 2011 01:29 by clondalkin Star rating. 29 posts Send private message

 hi  i work in this field and the hair would stand up on the back of your neck with the things i see  i read peoples future and the things i can tell them about  there family that have passed over   shockes them   there is a lot we still dont understand about the afterlife mags 

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