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08 Jul 2011 00:00 by bob.dunford6 Star rating. 49 posts Send private message

 As there are over 3 Million Homes in Spain Found to be illegal, But Passed by the Spanish Abogado.Notary Land Registry,and Local Council.and still are illegal.What is the use of having a Abogado/Notary Signing and stamping  your  Property Deeds.Spoken to one Abogado.And he tells me when a Abogdo /Notary Sign and Stamp your Property Deeds this makes the Property Fully Legal.So what is this Law all about.What Training do the Spanish Lawyer Do.Do they know any Laws.Why do they Take a Fee .What is this all about.

The Human Rights of Europe tell us that in any European Country, It is against your Human Rights not to have Mains Water Connected.So is the Spanish Laws again Breaking there own Laws as they Signed up for Human Rights.

It seems further you look into it the less the Spanish Lawyers seem to know.

Is there not a University in Spain who Train Lawyers all about Property Laws,Because they should know the Property Laws of Spain.And could help.please email us and tell us the Poroperty Laws of Spain

If you know any body who attends a University in Spain and can give us the Answers.Which we all really need.And perhapes the European Parliment with there European MPs can do some thing.

We have all the Countries Britain.France,Germany.Ireland.Sweden.Holland all of their Euro MPs are Fighting this.With the European Courts.Every Week it is Brought up in the European Parliment.Twice in Brussels,On the WEB-sites.In every Newspaper in Spain.Britain.Even in Canada,Been on Television.on Radio,Every body is talking about it.,But no body in Spain seems to know the Spanish Property Laws.Why is this.

Why do i have to Write this,If the Spanish Lawyers .Land Registry, Local Council are Breaking the Spanish Laws, why is there nothing done.

They say no Country in the EU .is allowed to Sale any thing which is illegal,.If they do this if Criminal Fraud.with a long Prison Sentence.If it was illegal Drugs the Police would pick them up in one day.But this is some thing which 3 Million Homes have been scammed into body would buy a illegal Home if they Knew,

Come on this is gone on to long we must find the Answer,

This is more inportant then the News of the World Scandle.

This is effecting more people .They have to Suffer,Go without Mains Water .Some without Electricity .When none of it was their fault,

Please every body who reads this must be very annoyed ,this going on today.

The European Parliment say people going in to Spain From other EU Countries is there Biggest Money Maker Spain has.Just think about it ,

Each House Sold is around 200 000 Euros.x 3 Million Homes,.Then there is there Pensions going into Spain every Year 

Say another 10 000 Euros each that is 10 000 euro's x 3 million euro's ,Comming to Spain each Year,From the Victims of this Scam,

We are Saving Spain .And are Treated like this,So we must have a Answer ,All People reading this.Please get in touch with your European MP.He Needs your Vote to make Spain do some thing.,

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08 Jul 2011 13:25 by ruth Star rating in on a hill in rural L.... 117 posts Send private message



Please add your name to the Open Letter to David Lidington.  See the update to this petition here:
The petition is still open here:

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