spanish property law.

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05 Jul 2011 00:00 by bob.dunford6 Star rating. 49 posts Send private message

 do you know about spanish property law.

well a friend of mine a student in law.studying at a university.on property law .explained to me that this problem with illegal sold houses is really there is a law in spain that nobody especially lawyers are allowed to sale any thing illegal this includes illegal drugs.illegal properties or illegal soon as the abogado./notary finds the property is illegal in any way he should inform the nbuyer ansd stop the sellingof the said property .this is written in the law books..also when a buyer for a property pays the lawyers a fee,the buyer by law becomes aclient of the lawyers,and by goverment law he is protected ,buy buying anything illegalm from any lawyer,this is the clients rights..the notary when you are his client must check out the property with help from theland registry and local council planning department.,he is not allowed to stamp the property deeds .until he knows the results from the land registry and local council.because stamping the property deeds sre the final thing to do making the said property fully how can you have a illegal house.

now another friend said a spanish lawyer can do any thing he /she likes.he is the law,he can sale you a illegal home and not tell you it is a illegal home .now the second one seems wrongb to me.

but is there any body there like my friend who is studying the spanish property laws.who is right.i would like to know what makes a spanish property legal and what power does the notary have when stamping the property deeds.


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