Lost appeal for deposit on sierra golf complex

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20 Nov 2022 10:46 AM by BigBlue Star rating. 1 forum posts Send private message

Has anyone else just been informed that they have lost their appeal for reclaiming deposits back on Sierra Golf, i have a friend who paid deposits at the same time as me, under the same criteria as me  and used reclaim in spain and won his case

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18 Dec 2022 2:11 PM by ads Star rating. 4107 forum posts Send private message

Every case has its own specific criteria and legal technical methods to gain justice and one legal firm may employ different methods to reclaim monies to another. Much depends upon the expertise and knowledge by the legal team representing you and the timings relating to existing supportive case law to act as support for your legal arguments.

The banks over the years have purposefully exploited the appeal process whilst supportive legal doctrine was still being sought at Supreme Court level. They used the under-resourced court system to perpetuate appeals in full knowledge that this would delay justice. But that does not mean that you do not have continuing right of appeal. 

Sometimes the deposit can be reclaimed but you might not have been awarded costs and interest, or the interests which can be considerable depending upon the time frame and prior court rulings and appeals whilst " legal elements of doubt remained" are not adequately fought for.... it's highly complicated and can depend upon a multitude of factors.

With all this in mind it becomes essential to use those legal teams fully conversant with the Banks ongoing appeals, those with track records of successful outcomes. Sadly however and all too frequently the timeframes to all of these legal fights for justice can take years, but a good and trusted legal team should be fighting to cover wherever possible your costs and realistic claims for interest to offset the sadly inevitable lengthy and complex legalities.

You will need to request from your legal team the specific reasons provided by the judge as to why the case has been lost at appeal. Only then by assessing the legal detail can you make comparisons with others. 

Good luck and hope your legal team can provide you with the answers you deserve.


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